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Checklist For Online Shopping For Naive Minds

Online shopping has become ridiculously easy. However, with that, you can easily fall victim to scams or frauds. So, it would be better to first check the authenticity of the online shopping platform you are using. Apart from that, you should have a deeper insight into the variety, pros, and cons of using a particular platform.

In case you have never given a second thought to how to do online shopping safely, make sure you get through the below-mentioned points. Big brands like Amazon eBay USA, Kameymall, and many others make ample use of all these.

The Best Online Shopping Platform Selection Points

Products Listed

When it comes to listed products, the sky’s the limit. However, you cannot hope for the same in case there is a particular niche store. But for a general shopping store, more product listing is the merrier. Therefore, before you book or shop, give a glance at their inventory.

Is the store targeting a specific audience? If yes, you might get a better deal somewhere else. Otherwise, you are good to go. It should be your first step while doing online shopping.


How easily can you spot your product? Can you buy the chosen product easily? Is the buying process short and seamless? Do you have to enter details again in case you buy a second time? All these questions define how good user experience and user interaction is.

If you are satisfied with the online shopping experience with Amazon or Kameymall, you can continue your shopping. However, you must leave it the moment you start feeling resistance while buying.

Payment Options

One of the most important points that differentiate the best online shopping platform from the average one is the variety of payment options. How would you like to pay – debit card, credit card, UPI, online bank transfer?

You must have a choice to go with whatever mode of payment you want. If that is available to you, great. If not, you might need to use another platform to quench your thirst for online shopping. Customer satisfaction should be there for a better shopping experience.

Delivery Time

Can you wait for a product for 5 to 7 days when you can have it within a few hours? If yes, you might be having saintly patience. However, for most people, waiting seems like a daunting task. Thus, when you think about buying something online, whether safety shoes or jeans, check the delivery time.

Always go forward when the time is the least. Make sure you compare the delivery time of a single shopping platform with others. This will give you an idea of whether to continue with it or not.


Are there any festival offers? What about clearance or boxing day sales? How about using coupon codes or discount offers? These things are going to save you a lot of money over time. Therefore, you need to keep a keen eye on such offers.

Now the best thing about using an online shopping platform is whether they offer such discounts or not. If not, what is the point of using it then? If yes, you should ask for more by talking to their customer care executives.


What happens when you don’t like a product you just bought? Will you be keeping it or wish to return or exchange it? How does the online shopping platform offer you help when you do the process? Is it easier to return what you bought? If not, consider using a different online shopping platform.

You must remember that in online shopping, return or exchange policy plays a major role. Hence, always read the process to understand it. Doing so will make it hassle free to get or change the products.

Quality of Products

Quality matters the most when you buy things online. Since you can’t feel things online, therefore, you can rely on quality checks. Therefore, you should always go with the platform that offers multiple quality checks for a single product.

This ensures you always get the best of the best. It improves the reliability and efficiency of whatever you buy. Therefore, customer satisfaction should be your priority while going online shopping. Whether you buy a zorb ball or a bodysuit, it should be of good quality.

Customer Reviews

What do the previous customers have to say about the online shopping platform you are going with? Are there any loopholes or negative reviews about it? In such a scenario, check whether they will affect your shopping experience.

Moreover, always check for after sales service. It becomes crucial in times when you need help. Therefore, customer reviews are going to be your lifeline when you consider buying stuff online. Otherwise, you are going to repent for life.

Wrap Up

Going through all the points mentioned above is going to come in handy. Hence, you should keep them in check before closing your online deals. Who knows you get the best deal by following whatever we offered you. So, keep your eyes and mind open to have the best user experience while shopping online.

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