Chatting in the Marathi Language: Fad Or Future

Texting changed the way we communicate. Availability of computers at every house and the rise of social media websites like Facebook and Orkut were important factors contributing to this. Texting culture started a new era in communication. Since everyone owned mobile phones and features like SMS became prevalent, the opportunity was ripe for the texting culture’s growth. Mobile phones with buttons used to be in English, which is how most of us got used to texting in English.  At the beginning of the last decade, smartphones began to enter our markets. A revolutionary invention, smartphones have changed our lifestyle. It started as a status symbol, but today it is available to everyone. It has become a basic necessity. But there’s one dark misconception regarding texting. People often get impressed by those who speak sophisticated English. Today, English has become a status symbol, while speaking in a regional language is termed lowly. Isn’t that backward? Is showing another language down a progressive mindset? Especially when that language is your mother tongue? The answer is No, and I feel anyone with such a mindset is not progressive at all.

Chatting is all about a healthy conversation. You can speak about one topic for hours or various topics for a short time. The first is what a healthy conversation is. Your words must mean something, not language. If you notice, the most fun conversations are in the regional language. If I have to tell you about myself, the best of conversations have taken place in Marathi. You don’t think what the other person might think. I am completely myself with nothing to hide. Marathi typing forms a special bond with others as there is also a personal touch. Businesses too have started coming on Social Media and messaging apps these days and Marathi usage is the reason some of them are doing so well. Marathi typing is not a fad, but a part of our life and will continue to be.

The biggest issue though with Marathi chatting is finding a good Marathi typing keyboard online. If you find that, there should be no hesitancy or problems in texting in Marathi. But let me solve that problem for you. Bharat AI’s Marathi keyboard app is the best app for Marathi typing on android. It has now allowed my chats to be simple words but dynamic, fun, and exciting. Want to know how an app can change the atmosphere of chat? Let me waste no time of yours and directly dive into it.

Pop Texts and Stickers

Stickers are the most fun feature on a messaging app these days. It is better than sending images or GIFs from the internet. Store them and use them anywhere, whenever you want. Keeping these trends in mind, the Marathi keyboard app introduced Pop Texts. You can type up to 25 characters and send it as a sticker instantly by just a click on the Pop text suggestion on the keyboard. If you wish the design to be different, retype the text. These stickers can be added to Whatsapp favorites.

The Marathi keyboard app has hundreds of Marathi movie stickers wth Avatars! Create your own and replace them in movie dialogue stickers and impress people. These interactive Marathi stickers are a fun way to chat. You can also make animated stickers instantly on the keyboard. If you thought making them was difficult, you no longer have to worry about it.

There is one more type of sticker that the Marathi keyboard app helps you make. The Bigmojis is an exclusive feature of the app which helps you send Big emojis by holding onto them. Some of them are also animated which are intriguing and will make heads turn.

Quotes, Jokes, and Shayaris

Good conversations are like a tasty dish. A tasty dish has the perfect blend of spice, sweet, and salt. Similarly, a good conversation is a perfect blend of laugh, serious and intrigue. The Marathi keyboard app adds these things to your chat. It has hundreds of English and Marathi quotes, jokes, and Shayaris.

You can share any of these instantly according to the situation. Such an addition to the chat will give you more topics to talk about. Sometimes a friend needs motivation but words don’t come on our tongue, in such situations the Marathi typing keyboard will have it ready for you. Maybe some friend might feel low, but you double think your jokes are funny. The keyboard has plenty and regularly updated Marathi jokes which are sure to them smile and laugh.

Speech to Text

English to Marathi typing becomes convenient with the Marathi keyboard app. The transliteration keyboard helps you to type with English letters and convert them instantly to Marathi font. This makes Marathi typing very fast. But sometimes it so happens that you don’t feel like typing. Maybe there’s sleep in your eyes or the idea of sending a long reply doesn’t excite you. The keyboard has a solution for that too.

The Speech to Text feature works on recognizing the speech of the user and converting it into text immediately. Select the output language and tap on the mic to speak. Leave the rest to the Marathi keyboard app.

Language is one thing that lets us communicate and binds people. The invisible walls that we have made to separate and shame those who speak their regional languages should be broken immediately. The future for businesses is using the Marathi language for their growth. Have pride in the language you speak and keep it alive for generations to come.

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