CBD and Creativity

CBD is gaining more and more popularity everyday. Cannabis products industry is exponentially growing as more people become aware of the benefits of this plant and how it can soothe pain and act as an inflammatory substance, improving our health in the most natural and harmless.

Can CBD improve creativity? Researchers and scientists continue to unveil the incredible properties of CBD and hemp oil products. There are countless benefits already known to specialists of CBD oil. If you are looking for high-quality organic hemp oil products, click here. Do you want to learn more about creativity? Can it be improved by CBD? Keep reading this article. 

According to studies CBD enhances creativity. Research shows that CBD oil products can improve creativity by influencing and lighting up certain areas in the brain. However, the evidence is not yet sufficient and conclusive enough to consider it 100% accurate.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is the ability to look at the familiar in a new way, to create something original from something long known.

Creativity is the invention of simple but innovative solutions to the problems and challenges of everyday life. Creativity is not a talent or something that a person is born with but rather a habit of looking at problems outside the box and looking for new perspectives on them. Creativity has varieties and different names. We also call it creative thinking, innovation, imagination, original solution, and invention. The person with creative thinking is both a creator and a researcher in the field in which he creates. He steps on already existing ideas, generates new ones, analyzes them, and chooses the most effective and original of them, finally finding a way to implement them and “sell” them to the audience.

Developing this skill helps build the attitude that each of us should strive to find an approach to the difficulties and challenges of everyday life. Creative people are traditionally less afraid of error and failure and see failure simply as a temporary phenomenon and a valuable lesson in the path of their growth.

Creativity is related to and supports the development of other skills – such as critical thinking, presentation skills and decision-making skills.

Creative people overcome limitations easier, take the risk to try what others are afraid of, and look for different ways to overcome circumstances and challenges to achieve their goals.

How to Develop Creativity?

It’s great to be creative, but contrary to the notion that it’s a kind of innate talent, creativity develops over time and is the result of prior training. Very often, in our desire to give students an interesting and relatable task and to encourage them to be creative, we give them projects for their dream house, school, or to create a new product. However, students struggle to go beyond the ideas we present or exemplify, and creative process does not take place. Clearing your mind through meditation and reduction of stress can exponentially increase your creative potential. CBD can help you tackle anxiety and stress and can help you clear your mind, soothing pain and calming down your emotional swings. 

Why Is This Happening?

Practice shows that innovative ideas and solutions cannot exist “in a vacuum,” but are the result of knowledge and accumulations that are acquired over time. Therefore, when we give a task/problem and expect diverse and original ideas in the implementation, we must create prerequisites for research and understanding what has already been done on this topic. No matter how creative a person is, if he does not know well the area in which he needs to be creative, he will hardly be able to come up with something new. The first and perhaps most crucial step in the creative process is to explore different approaches and solutions that already exist. CBD can reduce anxiety and stress, thus leaving your mind clear of any distractions and fears, allowing you to think more creatively. 

Thus the student gathers the building blocks for his new creation. A student who has only seen his school will hardly come up with a radically different interior design from the “School of the Future,” because there is simply nothing to choose from, among which ideas to combine.

It is crucial to remember our experience and knowledge are the reason we have many ideas and can look at things from a non-standard point of view. We can make sense of our role as teachers – to be the people who create the conditions for the accumulation of this experience and knowledge and the students.

To Sum it All Up…

Although it isn’t yet proven, and the results are not conclusive – there could be a link between creativity improvement and CBD intake. The sole fact that CBD helps our bodies relieve pain, reduce anxiety, stress, and makes feel healthier and calmer can help us focus more on creative solutions for day-to-day problems. It can boost our awareness and concentration and greatly impact our creative potential.

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