Can You Ride an Electric Bike without Pedalling?

Today, we’ll here to answer the question whether you can ride e-bike without pedaling or not?

It depends upon the type of e-bike you’re using.

Some e-bikes come with throttles. On the e-bike, you can go full-throttle, which means you won’t have to peddle. This isn’t true about all e-bikes. Some e-bikes are only pedal assist, which means that you must pedal to activate the motor. Without a throttle, you’ll have to start the engine by pedaling. You can’t ride those e-bikes without pedaling, therefore that’s a no-no. Can you ride an electronic bike without pedaling, to answer the general question?

The answer is yes, and those types of e-bikes are similar to the ones that are available on They offer a variety of quality e-bikes. You can ride these e-bikes without pedaling because they have a throttle, it can be a thumb throttle or a twist throttle, and also they’ve pedal-assist feature.

Furthermore, you can’t go above the speed 20mph with these e-bikes at full throttle. So, while you can go up to 28 mph with the pedal assist, you can’t go faster than 20 mph on an e-bike without pedaling at all.

Is it possible to ride an electric bike without having to pedal?

A throttle that does not require pedaling is one of the key features of many e-bikes. This implies you can ride your bike without pedaling by pressing a lever. To engage the electric motor, either thumb or twist throttles can be used. This capability would be useful in a few scenarios.

Is it feasible to pedal while riding an electric bike?

Sure, you can. Most new e-bikes come equipped with pedals that can be used in conjunction with – or totally independent of – the throttle. For certain riders, the electric help gives e-bikes an advantage over a standard cycle. Also, recharge mode is available in some of the e-bikes. Through which the battery is charged while riding.

Are all electric bikes equipped with a pedal-assist system?

The majority of e-bikes have pedal-assist, which means the electricity is activated only when you pedal. While some e-bikes are equipped with throttle-assist feature that allows you ride by only pressing a button and you don’t even have to pedal.

Along with pedal-assist, some bikes have throttle-assist feature as well. Which means that you can pedal whenever you want, and you can just set relax on the bike when you don’t want to pedal.

How fast can you travel on an electric bike without pedaling?

These e-bikes contain electric motors that push the rider without the need to pedal. They are, however, restricted to 20 mph. You can pedal yourself to a higher speed even if the power is turned off.

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