Can ED be Helped with these Specific Foods?

Erectile dysfunction is a common men’s sexual health condition that affects their ability to achieve and/or maintain an erection. This could be caused by various factors, both physical (e.g heart health or diabetes) and psychological (stress or anxiety). However, considering that, physical reasons are often the key most common contributing factors becoming even more prominent as we age.

Furthermore, lifestyle factors also are very important in terms of the impact on the risk ED, including habits like alcohol, smoking and, most importantly, your diet. The food we consume has a significant impact on our wellbeing, our blood flow, our mental health and even the production of sex-related hormones that could reduce the risk of ED condition occurring.

Therefore, it is important to know which foods can contribute to reducing the risk of ED condition occurring. Read the following list of foods that could help with ED by Pharmica.


Consuming the fibre contained in avocados helps with improving the normal function of cardiovascular health, promoting healthy blood flow and reducing the risks of ED that are related to blood pressure. Furthermore, key nutrients and vitamins found in avocado like zinc, vitamin e and selenium assist with the production of key sex-related hormones and functions


Most types of chillies contain capsaicin that has unique properties such as improvement of our metabolism as well as stimulation of nerve sensations, improving the sexual stimulation experienced. Furthermore, the active ingredients in chillies also widen our blood vessels, improving blood flow.


Another fruit that could assist with reducing the impact of ED are bananas that contain flavonoids, potassium content that is very high and assists with the normal function of heart health as well as reducing the amount of sodium in our blood levels.

Blackberries and other Berries

Increasing the number of berries that form a part of your diet like blackberries, cherries and rosaries increase the number of flavonoids that are consumed, assisting with maintaining normal blood pressure and minimising the risk of diabetes. As a result, including these in your diet could help with minimising the risks of ED condition occurring.

Watermelon and Tomatoes

Both of these foods contain high levels of lycopene that is associated with better vascular functioning as well as amino acids that, in combination with effective and clinically proven erectile dysfunction treatments like Viagra, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the results.


Eating Otas helps with increasing the intake of L-arginine which is an amino acid that can relax the muscle lining of blood vessels. As a result, better blood flow levels can be achieved in combination with hormone improvements like testosterone and libido

In summary, these foods could contribute to minimising the risk and the impact of erectile dysfunction in combination with relevant ED treatments. However, it is important to ensure that these foods are taken as a part of a varied and balanced diet as well as consistent exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle to take an effect.

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