Campfire in camping

Camping is the most unique and memorable time that is spent away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Campfire is very important during camping as it will provide you with a constant source of heat and a constant source of light. This fire will keep animals and other small insects away from you keeping you safe. The most important purpose of a campfire is to provide heat from cooking as you don’t have any other thing to light up and cook your food.

To create a more interesting and colorful view at night importance of color fire cannot be ignored. In the supply of colored fires, Fyre provides colored fire packets to make your evening more wonderful.

Purpose of a campfire in camping

  • May give a signal to your location

Sometimes you may stick in danger and your fellows do not know your position. In that fire plays a vital role in giving a signal to your camping fellows.

  • Source of light and heat

Fire is a source of light and warms especially during a winter night. In open areas without heat installation and other resources fire is the only reason to keep you active and make your morning destination by reading a map.

  • Source of entertainment

Changing the color of fire creates a great impact on the mind and entertains you a lot. Different packs of fires are present that will burn off different colors giving a rainbow impact at night to mesmerize the people on camping.

Colored fire packets (Fyre)

Sitting around a campfire is itself magical and it can be more marvelous when the fire of different colors is emitted with Fyre 25 packs.  When one packet of this fyre pack is thrown in fire then it reflects different colors of flame over one hour with continuous dancing of colorful flames.

Safe to use

This fyre packet is easy to use. You just have to open the pack and put it in a burning flame. As this pack is not made up of any harmful material so it is safe to burn it at any place. The composition of this fyre does not have any harmful ingredients and wastage is not more that may lead to pollution on an open area.

Colorful pattern

Fyre colorful packets have multiple patterns and colors available in one pack. You may enjoy a flame of any color of your choice either green, blue and purple color of the fire is also possible.

These colorful fire packets can be used indoor and outdoor with the same level of protection. Multi-colored andlong-lasting flame is the most tremendous feature of this colorful packet.

How to build a campfire?

Building a campfire is very important and one has to keep location and time for a campfire.

  • Suitable place

Before selecting any final spot for a campfire selection of a place is the most crucial step. Select a place that is near to water sources like rivers and away from small shrubs and large hanging trees.  Poor selection of place may lead to some damage to your life as well as your surrounding.

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