How to select the best roofing in Kenya based on the price, durability, weather conditions and the roof designs required. Tiles were designed traditionally from local materials but have since been improved to accommodate various functions. They are now in forms of clay, concrete, wooden, metallic or those containing bitumen content.

In the past, metallic and wooden roofing were very common but have since been replaced by clay and concrete tiles because of their functionality which is mainly to keep out rainfall and their longer life span. Listed below are the various roofing materials used today and the factors to consider in their selection including the cost of tiling and the corresponding support structure.


Wooden tiles

Made from local materials particularly the cedar plant making them affordable. Highly commended because of their aesthetic value and that they are environmentally friendly even though they need to be preserved to prevent termite attack.

Metal roofing

Popularly known as the metal stone coated roofing tiles. Metallic tiles are attractive and resilient making them fit for houses made of bricks. They exist in various colours some of which need to be coated to prevent rust and that they should be replaced in case of any leakages.

Concrete tiles

The demand for these roofing tiles has significantly improved due to the fact that they are easy to install, very durable, environmental friendly as they save on timber and are made of different colours for a superb look. Because of their heavy nature, they may pose the risk of pressurizing the house.

Clay roofing

Most popular in both the rural and urban areas. Even if they are costly, clay tiles are water resistant and attain a nice colour with time. They are prone to leakages especially when iron sheets are not incorporated for support and thus should be repaired frequently.

What to consider before choosing the best roofing tiles

The process of selecting roofing tiles in Kenya can be very challenging considering that they exist in several forms. Whatever material you want to purchase should not only satisfy your budget but also the structural needs as discussed below.


In Kenya, clay tiles will cost you between Ksh 1300 to Ksh 2100 per square meter while concrete ones are a bit lower going for Ksh 900 for the same. Wooden materials cost around Ksh 450 per square foot while that of iron sheets tend to vary according to the manufacturing company.

Weather conditions

Flat slates are common in arid and semi-arid areas where annual rainfalls are very low. Communities experiencing higher rainfall seasons require steep roofing to drain surface run off and snow.

Roof design used

Hipped roofs require concrete tiles to reduce their wastage as less cutting is desired. Recreational sites are mostly constructed by the use of wooden roofs that can be modified to different shapes and designs.


Some communities use thatch roofing especially in the coastal areas where the temperatures do not favour the other commonly used tiles. When it comes to selecting a roofing material, make a decision by comparing not onlyits worth but also the technical requirements, its durability and whether you’re going to trap rainwater for domestic use. For more information, visit

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