(Huawei MateBook 14 2020 Edition Evaluation: An elegant appearance is full of muscles)

Young office workers who have just stepped into society may have a deep understanding that no matter where you are, the leader wants you to work, that’s a WeChat affair. So at the airport, at the coffee shop, at the station, we often see people holding laptops crackling and typing on the keyboard. In this case, you will discover how important it is to have a thin, compact and high-performance notebook. Huawei launched a new work in the MateBook14 explosion series-the new MateBook14 2020 Edition lightweight notebook. This notebook focuses on ultra-high performance and smart experience, and is a very good choice for young office workers and If you want to buy huawei matebook 14 than click on this highlighted link and survey on our website. So what will be the actual experience of this Huawei MateBook14 2020 Edition?

  1. Design and workmanship: It’s not ashamed to eat by the face

The design style of Huawei MateBook14 2020 Edition (hereinafter referred to as MateBook14) continues the families past genes: simplicity, low-key, high-end. There is only one “HUAWEI” high-brightness logo on the A side of the notebook, which complements the dark gray color of the fuselage.

  1. The most eye-catching feature of MateBook14 in design is the classic 2K full-screen touch screen. The upper left and right borders are only 4.9mm, and the screen-to-body ratio reaches 90%. The visual effect is very shocking.
  2. Its actual size is 30.75cm × 22.38cm × 1.59cm, and its weight is 1.49kg. With this size and weight, you will not feel burdened when you go out with it every day.
  3. Due to the compact body, the arrangement of the elements on the C side of the notebook is relatively compact, with the keyboard and touchpad almost next to each other.
  4. Similar to the flagship MateBook X series, MateBook14 also introduces a hidden camera in the keyboard. When you press the camera button, it will pop up.
  5. The heat dissipation vents of this notebook are concentrated on the D side, and the three grid openings are arranged symmetrically. In addition, there are screw holes and two long plastic feet.
  6. It can be seen that MateBook14 puts all the openings that affect the aesthetics on the bottom of the notebook as much as possible to ensure the simplicity of the surface of the device to the greatest extent.
  7. In summary, Huawei MateBook14 2020 Edition has a simple and concise design, suitable for appearances in various occasions. At the same time, the characteristics of lightness and large screen ratio make it suitable for most mobile office scenes.
  8. Screen quality: the only 2K full touch screen at the same price

In the past two years, notebook manufacturers have paid more and more attention to the quality and visual experience of their product screens. Having a good screen has become an essential element for excellent notebooks.

  • One of the core selling points of Huawei MateBook14 2020 Edition is also the screen. It uses a 2K high-definition display with a resolution of 2160*1440, a PPI of 185, a screen contrast of up to 1500:1, and supports multi-touch.
  • In this way, using MateBook14 to browse web pages, edit office documents, repair photos, or program, etc., you can get higher work efficiency. This is also an important advantage of the MateBook14 family’s four-sided narrow bezel full screen.
  • As for multi-touch, it is an icing on the cake. When you are out without a mouse, it is very inefficient to use the touchpad to move the cursor. At this time, the addition of a touch screen allows you to click accurately, which is indeed a lot more convenient.
  • MateBook14 claims to have “the only 2K full-screen touch screen at the same price.” This is also true. The overall screen quality and experience of MateBook14 do have considerable advantages. If you have requirements for the laptop screen, then this laptop can be one of your priority options.
  1. Performance: In addition to games, more than enough for daily operations

Although the thin and light notebook is mainly refined and portable, it does not mean blindly compromising performance. Especially with the improvement of processor technology, many thin and light books can also have good performance output. So how about the performance of Huawei MateBook14 2020 Ryzen Edition? The notebook that IT House got is equipped with AMD R7-4800H processor, which has 8 cores and 16 threads, the main frequency is 2.9GHz, the acceleration frequency can reach 4.2GHz, and the Zen 2 architecture with 7nm technology is adopted. On MateBook14, the power consumption of balanced mode is 35W, and the power consumption of high-energy mode can reach 40W.

Huawei MateBook14 2020 Ryzen Edition Evaluation:

An elegant appearance is full of muscles

AMD R7-4800H has been sought after by many users for its superior cost performance since its release, and its performance can even exceed the desktop-level i7-9700K. In addition, MateBook14 2020 is also equipped with AMD Radeon Graphics core graphics, 16GB of DDR4 memory and 512 GB PCI-e NVMe solid state drives. In terms of specific performance, IT House first used “Cinebench” to perform CPU running scores. In “Cinebench R15”, the MateBook14 single-core score was 185cb, which is eye-catching, with a multi-core score of 1688cb. For a thin and light notebook, this achievement is quite outstanding.

Fourth, use experience: multi-screen collaboration, computer butler is very practical

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, an important use of thin and light notebooks for many users is mobile office. Therefore, the good-looking appearance is the same, and the useful connotation is one of a thousand.

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