(Review: HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i True Wireless headphones, loud noise, cool noise)

Hello Tech X cite friends, everyone. Come back to find a new headphone review article with Hi Map. Tech X cites again, today we have a true wireless headphone model HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i to review. It’s another model that he listens to and is very impressed. Good sound. Cool noise canceling system. And the price is good. If you want to buy freebuds 3i than click on the highlighted link and visit on our site.  How does it work? What features do you have? Let’s review for you to see in this article

Unpack the box first

Let’s start with the box. HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i comes with a standard HUAWEI box, using a white box on the front with a clear picture of the device. With the model name that is gold, cuts out quite nicely. Open the box, we will find the headphone case, so it is well wrapped in an envelope. The case has a compact size and comes in a capsule shape. Inside the box is an accessory to the other two is the charging cable USB Type-C short half-meter with a EarTip or plug headphones 3 King SML it. At the same time, in the document area, there are also manuals and warranty cards in here.

All in all, the device inside the box of the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i is this. In total, there are 4 as follows:

Headphones HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i

  • Chargers USB Type-C
  • SML extra size ear tips
  • Manual documents and warranty card
  • Capsule design, easy to use

Czech and then see the headset rather than a case of HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i will come in capsule, as seen with the logo HUAWEI is notable that the middle size is not too small a White Ceramic White texture. As it is, it adds luxury as well.

  1. Open the case, we are faced with headphones placed the two on the left and right power LED alert status of the battery inside with headphones.
  2. And on the outer case, there will be another LED light here that tells the battery status of the headphone case clearly separated it seems very useful so that you can check where it’s almost gone.
  3. The headphone’s HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i will come in the form In-Ear with a shaft extending down the length of a sensor for detecting wear out. For use when we remove the headphones, it will stop playing
  4. Music automatically like that there is also a zone for tapping in the ear area. There will be a sticker indicating the location of the touch clearly. If you want to use it, you can remove this sticker.
  5. As for the back of the case, there is a USB Type-C charging port and a button for connecting new devices
  6. Overall, in terms of design, it is considered well designed. The size of the case is not too small, not too big. Personally, the headphones are standard in-ear style with a slightly longer stem. But it can fit comfortably in the ear, not easy to fall off.

Connect via Bluetooth, but if a HUAWEI smartphone is easy

In connection HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i is connected to the device via Bluetooth for headset True Wireless general but specifically with smartphones HUAWEI running on EMUI 10 and up because we did not need to set any other hassles at all Simply open the case, remove the device and then to close it with a smart phone will also have a Pop-Up is up to us to connect to each other immediately. Which after we connect the next time we open the case, there will be a pop-up showing the battery status of the headphones and the case. Convenient, no need to go to check it out But if it’s a smartphone brand other than HUAWEI, it’s not difficult either. Just because we can set up the Bluetooth opening the case will have the name of the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i was selected already connected to the same, or if they cannot find it, press the button on the back of the case and hold it. This resets the connection. So far, I’ve found it.

There are apps available to use as well

The headphones HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i is an app to customize further called the HUAWEI the AI   , Life in a series of papers in the box is a QR Code for scanning or searching on the Play Store to AppGallery or not the app is used. Adjust the ability of the headphones to increase from the factory settings. Unfortunately, it’s only available on Android, and on iOS it’s not there yet. The app will tell you the status of the headset, the battery of the headset are two sides to the case. And there are many more customizations as mentioned above. For example, a shortcut to access the touch that in default is selected as a double tap to play / STOP music, but if we want to use something else, we can choose to adjust it. There will be an option to adjust both the left ear and the right ear as well.

Or it will be a tap and hold on the headphones that adjust the noise canceling, you can choose to adjust how to set it to turn on – off, more from here and in addition to further customization Having apps to work with is also helpful in future updates because we can update the headphones or improve the usability in addition to the HUAWEI AI Life app as well.

Let’s listen.

Reputed to be headphones The single most important sound quality is inevitable then that the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i  as they try to make it sound really great to have a driver the size  of 10 mm  The bass loud profanities. Plus, the headphones are In-Ear, providing firmness when put in the ear. And the most important thing is the noise-canceling feature “Active Noise Cancellation” that comes with a microphone attached to 3 headphones, which helps to cut outside noise with 32 dB of sound power, allowing us to listen smoothly. Immerse yourself in music wirelessly from outside noise.

Talking on the phone is great

As for talking on the phone, the ANC system helps reduce noise as well even in a noisy environment the line will be able to hear our talk clearly without changing it.

It supports touch operation as well

As mentioned, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i headphones also support touch gestures. Which as far as it’s used, it’s easy to use and responds to commands very well. Tap 2 times to play – stop music, answer the phone or tap and hold to turn on – turn off the noise cancellation system as well. Or if you want to adjust to other features, you can adjust more in the HUAWEI AI Life app.

The battery lasts for 14.5 hours

Rounding out the battery HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i can use it on the headset for about 3.5 hours. I try to use it to travel; it is okay with me around this time. It can also be charged from the chassis further includes a 14.5 hour Well , if the day is about 2 hours  Was one week too. As for the connection port, this model uses a USB type-C port, easy to use because it is the same port as a normal smartphone.  No need to carry additional cables to make it difficult finally…

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