Bring Relaxing Moroccan Style Living Rooms to Your Home – A Complete Guide

The Morocco or Moroccan style interior style is the celebration of eastern magnificence. The beautiful Northern African country is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean. Also, it has the Mediterranean Sea between Algeria and  Western Sahara.

The exceptional location brought many travelers, creating a mix of cultures and traditions. The visitors flew to different parts of the world, taking in the rich heritage. Thus the unique happy, relaxing and vibrant Moroccan lifestyle decor became globally popular.

The  prosperous look is about hues, textiles, prints, and lots of independence and flow between pieces. So, if you love this evergreen and trending style, you can bring it to your living room.

Let’s have a look.

The Moroccon Hues

For a perfect Moroccan tone, you have to create a cohesive look with neutrals and vibrant colors. The Moroccan hues welcome earthy neutral colors with bright accents.

The rich accents are orange, Fuschia, turquoise, peacock blue, fiery red, golden yellow, and bold purple. The tints of gold and jewel tones are also incorporated in different patterns and colors. Also, you can go for stenciled patterned and printed bright ceilings.

The Attractive  flooring

The Moroccan flooring with blue-white or black and white mosaic patterns look striking. The patterned flooring is crucial and looks very elegant. If your floor has a solid design, you can add patterns with large area rugs. Imagine a neutral palette wall with accent colors and vintage pieces with a brightly patterned floor. It looks so complete and polished.

Vintage Furniture

The interior style is all about natural elements; you can go for wooden carved couches with ottoman stools. Layer it with printed cushions and covers. The seating is comfortable and low for more convenience.

Welcome Pattern With Wall Arts

Yes, you can elegantly bring the patterns and colors in the Moroccan living room with wall art. Some of the best wall arts are.

Premium Canvas

The canvas is textured and premium; it’s so vibrant that it is one of the best choices for layering the wall. You can explore the living room’s large wall arts at ElephantStock, which are available in all sizes.

A single large canvas will bring accent colors with excellent illustrations, prints, and colors. It looks colossal and very affordable, and ready to hang. You can go for dessert, iconic sandy canvas, or a Morrocco prints and patterns canvas.

Moroccan Fine Tapestry

The fine Moroccan tapestry “Fleur de Lis” is very popular and has historical significance. Popularly available in beige tones and delicate prints and patterns, it is large and has pockets. It instantly brings the heritage and beauty of Morocco to your living room.

Moroccan Style Wall Mirror

The mirrors and shiny surfaces are the characteristics of the style. Ditch the standard mirrors and hang mirrors with wrought iron or carved frames. It must look vintage and gorgeous. You can go for ornate frames, deeply carved wood, dome-shaped onion frames, mosaic tile, metal, or gemstone decorations.

Magical Lighting

The lighting and hues of sunset shades, breezy summers are all about the style. So incorporate Moroccan mosaic pattern lanterns, which look lovely. You can hang it above the dining area or on a cozy nook.

Also, the lights with square and geometric carvings for a dim and relaxing setting look brilliant. The lights are made of metals like brass and copper, which are statement elements of the style. Also, you can go for large pendant lights made of organic mesh.

Introduce Fabrics

The rich fabrics with rich detailing and patterns are a must for the style. Go for cushions covered with exotic designs. The drapes can also be rich with colors and prints. The most prominent fabric is the area rug. Bring in the embroidered Moroccan carpet for a comfortable setup.

Bring in Tropical Plants

The tropical plants with significant foliage on metallic pots and ceramics look gorgeous. You can go for banana and papyrus plants in huge pots of ceramics or baskets to create a Moroccan vibe.

Sensual Scents

Dazzle all the senses and set the perfect mood with aroma. The African aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, and saffron feels exotic. You can use organic scented candles on metallic stands. Fragrances like jasmine, orange, rose, clove with a touch of saffron and ginger to feel perfect. If you want to buy rugs then you will find out rugs available here.

Let’s Wrap it

The Eastern rich style welcomes natural elements with comfortable sitting. It has lots of accents and beautiful colored patterns. It celebrates all the metals, wood, and handcrafted things. The beauty became popular as many travelers brought the vibrant desert style to the rest of the world.

It’s a welcoming place as the people there primarily spent time inside. The rich scents and beautiful artifacts make it a rich and lively place to spend your time. So, mix and match the things, pick your favorites from the article, and create Moroccan heaven.

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