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Bright Bathroom Design Ideas You’ll Want to Try

When you’re taking a bubble bath in the evening, you like dim lights and a bathroom that appears relatively dark and cozy. However, outside of that moment, you also want the bathroom to feel bright and pleasant. If your bathroom seems usually dark and gloomy, with not much light bouncing off, here are a couple of tips you may use to brighten it up.

  1. Skylight Bathroom

Skylights are a hot topic for bathrooms nowadays, particularly when everyone is trying to get that natural light in without exposing themselves to their neighbors. Plus, it can also improve bathroom venting while making the space seem larger and brighter.

“It’s a way of introducing more natural light into a room, bringing more of the outdoors inside. And many skylights can be opened for ventilation in the summer,” says Shannon Weigand, a designer at Ellis Kitchen and Bath Studio, Ohio.

  1. Adding Mirrors

Mirrors reflect a lot of light – so naturally, if you want to make your bathroom appear brighter, you might want to try adding more mirrors. The chances are that you already have one mirror over the sink – but rather than going for a standard size, why not try a full-wall mirror?

Or perhaps you can try adding a mirror on the opposite wall instead, or maybe a couple of full-length mirrors. The more mirrors you have there, the more light will be reflected – and therefore, the brighter your bathroom will be.

  1. Add Warm Lighting

You want your bathroom to appear bright, not sterile. If you do not have any windows in your bathroom, you may want to add a couple of extra lights, such as sconces, on the wall – and make sure they are in warm tones. You may also want to invest in a dimmer so that you can get the exact level of lighting that you need.

“Careful observations need stronger light, but a dim light is calming and romantic,” says Kris, an rta cabinets designer in Pennsylvania. “A bathroom calls for both. You’ll want to avoid outfitting your space in light bulbs that are too cool and can give off a clinical, fluorescent feel.”

  1. White Walls

White always has the knack of making every place seem bigger and brighter. It bounces off light efficiently, even the artificial kind, making it the perfect brightening option for a bathroom that has no windows. Glossy paints are even better, as they reflect even more light in your bathroom.

“If you’re open to painting the bathroom, pick a great white paint and prepare for transformation,” recommends Larson Folkerts, a designer from Moore House Interiors.

  1. Add a Couple of Plants

You might not believe it, but plants have their own way of making a bathroom feel brighter. However, instead of relying on looks, plants rely on scent. They will make the bathroom smell fresh with their air-purifying properties, and it will automatically feel like you stepped into an open, brighter space. Go for plants that thrive in humid conditions, such as staghorn ferns and peace lilies.

  1. Transparent Fittings

Bathrooms that appear bigger will also have a much airier and brighter feel. A good way to achieve that would be by using transparent fittings. For example, you may go for furniture that has door or plastic designs – or maybe a glass shower screen rather than a curtain. Glass shelving would have the same effect. Plus, the glassy surface would reflect the light, increasing the brightness level of your bathroom. Also, consider the glass door in your bathroom to make it more attractive and luxurious.

  1. Tile It Up

More and more people opt for moisture-resistant wallpapers, but a great way to make your bathroom appear brighter is to go for a tile design. Tiles have shimmering surfaces, allowing the light to bounce off.

White tiles are a great way to achieve that brightness effect, but warm pastel colors can also bring the same brightness while adding a dash of color in there.

The Bottom Light

Creating a bright bathroom is more about effect than anything else. Even if the bathroom has no windows or has very small ones, you can still get that bright look by implementing the right design ideas. Hopefully, our article gave you a few good tips.

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