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Bowling vs Mini Golf, Which One’s More Fun?

Would you rather go bowling or mini-golfing? It’s a hard decision to make, but we’re going to take a look at how each one stacks up.

Bowling and mini golf are both great ways to have fun with your friends and family. They’re also both very different games that offer unique experiences, but which one is more fun?

Bowling Vs. Mini Golf

Bowling is a sport where players use hand-held balls and roll them down a long, narrow lane towards ten numbered pins. It has been around for centuries now, so it’s safe to say that people know how much fun it can be. One of the best things about bowling is that there are tons of variations- choose from candlepin, duckpin or ten pin bowling depending on what kind of game you want! While going out for bowling you can choose fab dress up like trendy bowling shirts and sneaker which will help you to look great.

Mini golf is played on an 18-hole course with obstacles such as sand traps and water hazards that will force the ball off of its intended path. It is also an old favorite; many people grew up playing it.

Here are the 6 main differences between Bowling and Mini Golf:

1.   Rules

Bowling has a number of different rules that you can choose from. Mini golf follows the same rules every time, no matter where or when it is played. There are no variations in the mini-golf rules!

2.   Equipment

In bowling, players use hand-held balls and roll them down a long, narrow lane towards ten numbered pins. In mini golf, players use a ball hooked to a stick that can be raised and lowered in order to get the right shot every time!

3.   Space

Bowlers need very large spaces for people who are playing at the same time- this is called bowling on a ‘lane’. Mini golf requires more space for the obstacles on the course, but you can play alone if you want.

4.   Aiming

In bowling, you can aim however you like because the ball is not attached to anything. In mini-golf, you must raise and lower your club in order to correctly line up the ball with its intended path. To do this well, you will need a lot of space!

5.   Obstacles

Bowling doesn’t require many obstacles, but mini golf is full of them! Mini golf is a game of skill, strategy, and physics. Mini-golf is not just a game of “putting”. There are so many obstacles to avoid! Sand traps and water hazards await in every turn, which makes this an even more challenging sport than bowling.

The mini-golf course has many different holes with varying challenges like sand traps or deep waters that can cause you to lose valuable strokes if they’re hit too late during gameplay.

6.   Physical Activity

Bowling requires very little physical activity- just the ability to stand still for a while! Mini golf, on the other hand, will get you moving around more. You’ll have to walk all of 18 holes, so you can expect your heart rate to rise!

Bottom Line

If you are the kind of person that likes few rules in games, then you might find bowling interesting. Due to its variations, it’s possible for players to have a bowling tournament with different kinds of games, while mini golf does not require that much variation. However, mini golf has a certain old-fashioned charm that bowling just doesn’t have. It’s now up to you to choose the ideal game that will fit your preferences as you have much fun!

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