Bored with RUST Game? Try these cool hacks.

It has been three years since RUST launched with its full version in 2018, and since then, the user base has only been rising and enjoying the multiplayer, shooting, combat players-only game.

But at the same time, what has happened during these three years is that we have had more and more people wanting to improve their RUST game skills, and quickly get through the learning curve.

So, if you are also looking for a guide to be better at this fantastic game, your search ends here. Below, I have enlisted some tips on how you can excel in this game.

  1. Importance of wood and supplies

You need to look at places with a higher concentration of supplies for you to have rewarding loot. Nevertheless, the game has many such places, only if you know where to look for it. However, you must always aim to target these spots early because the end objective of this game is survival.

When looting, look for items like wood, as they are high in demand and you will need plenty of them for your own construction. So, the key takeaway from this point is to keep your mining tools ready and collect the materials.

  1. Building is a constant

For me, the real work begins when you start with the building process of bases, weapons, and other necessities. If you do not know already, you will be building a lot of them. The key here is to choose a suitable area that can be extremely tricky sometimes.

For building bases, you will need a lot of wood, scrapes and stones, so building near lots of trees is a wise choice. Choose a location that has all three, trees for woods, mountains for stones, and roads for scrapes. Further, make sure you avoid highly populated areas for building because you do not want to be a hot target, too soon.

  1. Keep your headset on

An extremely rookie mistake most people commit is to not keep your headsets on. Don’t do that if you are planning to play the game seriously, i.e., to win. A headset allows you to pick up on audio cues that the game has to offer.

As much as RUST is a visual game, it is audio-centric too. This means you can hear the footsteps of enemies and animals approaching you. This will help you stay a few steps ahead of your enemies and secure a win.

  1. Stay unnoticed

The best tip I received in my gaming career is to get better at going unnoticed, and the more you do so, the longer you will survive. So, avoid drawing attention to yourself, because if you are, you are just drawing attention to be attacked by other players.

You can do that by not making loud noises, walking more than you will be running, especially at crowded places, and most importantly, not cooking in the dark. Cooking in the dark sends an easy signal to your opponent, through the smoke and fire.

  1. Using cheats

Don’t get annoyed but RUST Hacks are everywhere, and everyone’s been using them. Besides, there is nothing wrong in using them, because they do not guarantee a win. You still have to work for it.

Cheats can be about anything, for instance, Aimbot for improved aim to sensory perception. There are many cheats and hacks you can use.

  1. Hiding your prized possessions

Risking losing your prized assets to looters, again, is a rookie mistake. While beginning with RUST, you will be often faced with this. What you need to do is to avoid them and hide your stash at secret locations. Have a secret, hidden location, and start with hiding your guns.

Remember this location, because you don’t want to lose your prized stash. It’s always wise to screenshot the location you choose to hide your stash in Take your shot with the help of a mac screenshot software if you are a mac pc user.

That’s it. This is all you need to secure a win in this uber-cool game called RUST. If you have read this guide well, you are sure to excel at our all-time favorite game, RUST.

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