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The continuous growth of technological development made an exponential leap in recent times and this is evident in the amount of audiovisual productions that were updated thanks to new equipment, methods and techniques offered by the current market. The led video wall screens were first used in the film industry just a couple of years ago in a television production that has already become a mythical series for lovers of the Star Wars Saga and although other projects have already adopted this technique, its use promises to expand beyond the science fiction cinema. First of all, you should understand What is Virtual Production.

In the United States, 90% of productions with special effects now are made with Giant Screens

Due to its large number of benefits when filming and editing a movie, the vast majority of audiovisual projects that have great challenges when it comes to special effects opt for the Stagecraft, the giant led screens that set the plot at the end of the stage instead of the already known old chroma.

This innovative recording technology is a distant relative of the cinematographic technique from the 30s called rear projection and it came to unseat the green or blue fabric.

The big problem is that on that static element that is the chroma, the animation, meaning that the actors have to imagine the environment when recreating a scene and on a technical level the art team has to create, in the post-production stage, the scenarios where they were developed. With led video wall this becomes extremely dynamic as live images can be played back.

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Mandalorian is a successful experience of using this technology

Beyond the fact that the use of giant led screens is very common both in events, in houses of worship, in corporate meetings and social events, in industry of cinema gained greater notoriety from its use in the Mandalorian series, which produced Disney + and premiered on the same platform in November 2019. This space-western that takes place in the Star Wars universe is the success story cited when talking about this technology. Due to its ability to reproduce images with astonishing clarity and adapt to each shoot, this technique which uses giant led screens to create the wonderful special effects and the setting of each shot, gave the blockbuster a level of realism unimagined in an industry accustomed to chroma.

With three giant led screens – one of them located on the ceiling – with impressive dimensions 6 meters high by 23 wide, and slightly curved, they managed to create a frame where project the animation simultaneously while the actors recreated the scene.

What are the characteristics of these LED Video Walls for virtual productions?

Once understood that the main difference is that for the chroma the image is added through.Here is the most valuable and headline news suppliers website trendwait. a computer at a time after recording, while led screens create the image by light simultaneously while recording, it can be said that the characteristics about the use of video wall LEDs versus chroma LEDs have no point of comparison. Some of its great benefits for LED Video Walls for virtual productions could be summarized in the following items:

  • Great help for the actors when playing the assigned role: with the chroma, the actor did not have a total notion of what would happen next in that static cloth of color, but with the stagecraft technique the artist can see and be in the environment at the time of get into the role which gives realism to the performance.
  • Coordination of teams and unification of studies: cameras and screens are synchronize, that is to say that when the camera moves the stage will also do it, which it also allows you to use only one recording studio for the entire film.
  • There is no problem with edges: in chroma, as it does not have well-defined edges, it is It is important that the actors stay within certain limits so as not to damage the scenes, while with LED screens this problem disappears.
  • The costume color is enlarged: since the chroma uses green or blue in its fabric, they must be avoid those shades for the wardrobe as it causes technical inconveniences. With the new technology, this was no longer a limitation.
  • Visualization of the final result: now at the end of each shot you can check the result and correct errors, before it was impossible since the result was seen in one of the final stages of the project.

Tips before choosing the LED Video Walls in the USA

With a wide portfolio, Led Nation offers sale and rental of led video wall, with a wide choice in different shapes and sizes and types of supports, at incredible prices and low monthly payments. With more than eleven years of experience, the company has reach throughout the country, takes care of transportation and installation, grants a 3-year warranty included in the total price of the package, and has ample financing, quotations on the day, and free shipping.

Their technicians will guide the buyer to determine which screen is the right one for the occasion. In the first query, the objective will be defined and what is the purpose of using the led screen, what content is to be shown, and what aspect is needed. Then a specialized team of engineers, designers and technicians will evaluate the issue and create a tailored solution. Finally, all the technical aspects of the installation will be analyzed.

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In addition to the monthly maintenance service, the company has a 24/7 after-sales service with technicians who provide all the necessary information to properly repair and maintain the panels. As a preventive method, all screens have spare parts that extend their life between 3 and 5 years.

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