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Manali has many things to offer, including beautiful scenery, delicious food, incredible sightseeing, and great activities. Manali experiences a four-season transition all year. While all the seasons are beautiful, summer is the best season to visit Manali. The high elevation of this destination means that you can enjoy cool, relaxing weather even on a hot summer afternoon. However, you also have the benefit of the subtle chill.

Manali is covered with thick rows of ice in winter. This is a stunning sight. It could be said that visiting Manali without seeing the ice is like missing out on its full beauty and you should definitely check the snowfalls before finalizing your Manali Travel Packages. The temperatures can drop to sub-zero during this period. However, it might not be a good idea to visit a hill station during the monsoon, even though the scent of rain on the soil in this hill station is fantastic. Monsoon makes hilly areas more susceptible to landslides. Therefore, restrictions are placed on local transportation. Bus services are temporarily or permanently halted during monsoons.

Seasonal Timing in Manali

Manali is a beautiful place to visit to experience the natural beauty of a hill station. Every season in Manali is different. There are charms and some setbacks. But, there are still ways to make the most of them. This is how the weather in Manali will affect your travel plans.

Manali summers (March-June)

March through June: Summer is here, and it’s coming! The temperature is moderately warm, ranging between 10 and 25 degrees C. However, it can be chilly at night so bring your favourite woollens and blanket. Summer offers various exciting and thrilling activities, including paragliding in solid winds, rafting along the stream, trekking up the steep peaks, and other mountaineering adventures. The beautiful flora of the region will entertain you during this time.


Manali summer offers many things to enjoy. The vibrant colours of the vast slopes are just as refreshing for the eyes as they are for the skin. These activities include:

  • Jogini Falls is a natural wonder.
  • Take a picture at Rahala Falls.
  • Visit the Hadimba Temple, a mystic temple.
  • Visit the Museum of Himachal Culture & Folklore to discover its charms
  • Yoga in the summer heat

The summer season is the busiest in Manali. This season is a busy time for tourists, honeymooners, and travellers from across India and overseas. This is when the weather is at its most beautiful and comfort levels are high. The average high temperature is between 25-28 degrees C, and low temperatures are between 8-13 degrees C.

This season is a great time enjoying sports like paragliding and river rafting, rock climbing, and trekking. The Rohtang Pass is a popular summer attraction for Manali visitors. The famous Hadimba temple festival is also available. You will also be surrounded by the stunning flora, fauna and scenery of the region. This destination is a tranquil and magical place to visit due to its lush greenery and fresh air. It would be best if you also saw the Vashishta Baths and Hampta Pass Trek during your stay.

Manali Monsoon (July-mid-September)

July through August: Are, you up for a challenge? Manali is best visited during the monsoons. The slopes can be prone to landslides at this time. This is when the whole region becomes alive.


Rain can only make the hills beautiful, but it is possible to make them more attractive. Manali shower can be stunning to see, but it can also be dangerous. So make sure you take the necessary precautions.

  • Jogini Falls is worth a visit.
  • Visit Manu Temples or other beautiful monasteries
  • This can make trekking too dangerous.

Between July and August, monsoon clouds begin to call. Extreme amounts of torrential rain can be seen in the region. This region’s temperature remains around 25 degrees C throughout this period. Due to the possibility of landslides, heavy rains can cause flooding of up to 200 mm. This is why tourists will notice a drop in tourism activity. Avoid visiting this time of year. After September, the rains will gradually stop, and then the tourist population will increase.

Winters in Manali (October-February)

September through February: Chill begins to creep in around October 1 as the monsoon comes abruptly. The temperature drops to -1°C during this period.

December through January: Snow is just as fluffy in Scotland as it is on the slopes now that they are covered in thick ice. Manali’s winter season is a favourite among honeymooners because of its vast expanses of pure white snow. Skiing is an excellent option for those interested in ice sports or who wants to have fun. Particular institutions offer training for adventure-seekers and tourists who visit Manali during this period.


Sometimes, the intensity of a sporting activity may depend on its thickness or other factors, such as the presence of a storm.

  • Take a walk through the Rohtang Pass
  • You can trek to Beas Kund if the weather is good
  • Enjoy the hot springs near Beas River.

September is here, but winter is already on the couch! The Manali’s vast slopes will soon begin to disappear under substantial ice sheets until January. Now is the best time to get out of the house and chill, literally. Temperatures can drop below zero, so make sure you have plenty of warm winter clothes. You will be transported to a white paradise with thick snow blankets and an icy backdrop for honeymooners.

This is when adventure enthusiasts start to flock to this area. Amazing sights include the Chandratal Baralacha Lake and Kullu Manali Sanctuary. Great Himalayan National Park, Nehru Kund and Jogini Waterfall are just a few of the many attractions that you can review. Arjun Gufa Falls and Rahala Falls make excellent attractions. The ideal time for honeymooners is to take in the romantic atmosphere and calm ambience between November and February.

There is almost no way to go wrong when you visit Manali. Here, the summer and winter merge in harmony and nature is at its best. This destination is perfect for solo trips, honeymoons, and adventures with friends. You can also use zingbus for booking your Delhi to Manali bus ticket, its way affordable and offer free wi-fi, AC, lounge facility for hassle free travel.

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