Best Surrogacy and Effective Infertility Treatment Agency in Europe.

Thus Dr. Alexander M. Feskov is the founder of this reputed FESKOV Human Reproductive Company. Moreover, Feskov fertility center is a famous and trusted service. Please visit this  site about surrogacy.

Latest Technologies:

Moreover, we use the latest and advanced technologies to solve female and male reproductive complexities and issues. Thus integrity and safety are key imperative for the use of these technologies. Hence by these advanced technologies, infertile couples become parents and have a healthy babies. Further our services include egg donation, surrogates, pre-implantation diagnosis, mitochondrial transmission, IVF process, and cell therapy. Then we achieve 100 % results in these processes through the latest techniques.

Our Great Services:

We give individual attention and support to customers on the way to motherhood and fatherhood.

  • Egg donors.

  • IVF Procedure.

  • Stem cell therapy.   

  • Surrogate mothers.

  • Mitochondrial transfer.

Why Us?

Moreover, we offer outstanding services to you. So, below are the reasons why you choose us?

Outstanding Experience:

Thus we have more than 25 years of outstanding experience in the reproductive medicine field. Because over team consist of well trained and experienced people. Moreover, due to our experience, hundreds of healthy babies are successfully born via in vitro procedures. Further, all the process is 100% legal.

Healthy Babies:

Hence our team comprises PGD diagnostics and human genomics experts. Thus they offer their great services in the selection of healthy and disease-free embryos. Then in the way baby will be prevented from hereditary diseases and born healthy. Moreover, on the demand of the couple, we help you to choose the gender of the baby.

Private System:

Further, our system is completely private we don’t share your personal information. Thus every matter will be confidential in our system. Moreover, we have formed a trusted system for the protection of your personal information.

Trusted Database:

Thus our system comprises its database. Hence database contains information about trusted egg donors and surrogates. Further, you can select your donor and surrogate from African, Asian, and European phenotypes.

Surrogacy in European Countries:

Hence we are living in the era of modern and innovative technologies. Thus infertility is very common nowadays. So, many techniques are invented to treat infertility. Moreover, a very effective infertility treatment is surrogacy. But the service is not available in many countries of Europe. Further, surrogacy in Europe is not legally regulated in many European countries like Sweden, Austria, and Norway. But surrogate mother service is legally and officially regulated in countries like Ukraine, Poland, and Russia.

Surrogacy Types in the World:   

Thus below discussed are the different types of surrogacy in the world by which you can choose which type meet your need.

Traditional Surrogacy:

Hence in traditional surrogacy, a surrogate is the biological mother of a child born. Because her eggs are fertilized with the sperms of the intended father which is ethically and morally wrong.

 Gestational Surrogacy:

Moreover, gestational surrogacy is one of the most used types of surrogacy. Thus this type uses the IVF process, in which the egg of the intended mother has fertilized with the sperm of the intended father artificially and then places the embryo in the uterus of the surrogate mother till the birth.



Surrogacy is a great development in the field of reproductive medicine. So, FESKOV is the most trusted company in the field of reproductive technologies. Thus the experts of the company permit infertile couples to have their baby. Moreover, the center offers its service in many different countries where surrogacy is legal or illegal. Further Feskov has lawyers that take the consents of all parties and keep the information confidential. Furthermore, every matter sorts out legally.

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