Best Productivity Tools 2021

It is a known fact that productivity can be difficult. This is because there are many different ways to get things done, and the task at hand may change from one minute, hour, or even day into another without warning! For you to succeed in your work with these tools available – which will help make sure everything gets taken care of properly while also helping keep track of time spent doing certain tasks as well- it’s important not only know what they do but how each function operates within their right, so we know when something needs attention too (whether by changing settings manually where applicable).

We all have those days where we feel like productivity is a lost cause. So, as the end of yet another Monday draws near with nowhere close to an accomplishment under our belts- let’s take this time instead for some apps that will help make your life easier and more productive!

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s new venture into the world of cloud computing has been a huge success. Azure, often referred to as ‘Azure,’ is an online service that offers users more power and control over their data by allowing them access from anywhere through Microsoft-managed data centers around the globe.


  1. Data Security
  2. Scalability
  3. Cost Effective


  1. Requires Management
  2. Requires Platform Expert
  3. The Ease of Access


Trello is a tool for organizing and tracking projects. It’s like having sticky notes on the wall, but instead of putting tasks in order from easiest to hardest or newest first, you can organize by assignee (or location). For example: “Perform maintenance,” “Resolve security issue X,” etc.… This helps when multiple people work together because they all have lists that correspond with what needs to be done next!

In addition, Trello also has some cool features, such as seeing at a glance who’s assigned certain items, which allows them transparency into progress updates if needed.


  1. Kanban
  2. Managing Tasks
  3. Real Time View of Work


  1. Difficult to handle big projects
  2. Lower storage limit
  3. You cannot review iterations

3. Asana

“Asana is a project management tool that helps you stay on track and finish what needs to be done. The web & mobile apps let teams see their progress, track individual tasks, and plan sprints with ease from anywhere in the world! You can also integrate Asana for increased collaboration between different tools or use it solo if needed,” says Olivia Tan, the Co-founder at CocoFax


  1. Task allocation and Tracking
  2. User experience with task views in list or kanban format
  3. Easy to get started


  1. Not user friendly
  2. No time tracking
  3. No two factor authentication

4. Notion

The Notion app is like an interview coach for you and your future employer. But, instead of scheduling all appointments yourself, the mobile-friendly web platform allows employers to create questions on its easy-to-use interface; then notify candidates based on specific criteria with custom tags that can be used in emails or texts!


  1. Content organization
  2. Team dictation and collaboration
  3. Integrations to external platforms


  1. Positioning of content blocks
  2. Tutorials and training videos
  3. Automation and workflows

5. Slack


  1. Channels are easy to access and follow the posts
  2. Great apps to install and centralize your activities
  3. With the tool “circle” it’s possible to simulate the face to face interactions of the office


  1. Delete conversations after some days in free version
  2. Takes heavy load on RAM
  3. Themes are not great for use

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