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Many aspire to clear the UPSC exam and join the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), the administrative arm of the All India Services of the Government of India. But what is UPSC? UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission that conducts the competitive civil services exam. When you clear the exams, you will get an admirable position in the higher Civil Services of the Government of India.

To ace the exams, you must apply to the best UPSC online course. Do not forget, you must work hard, as well. But you must be pondering if applying for an online course is necessary? Acing the UPSC exam or civil service exams is a challenging task and requires a lot of preparation. Although your hard work will pay off, you will also need proper guidance and training to crack the civil services exam.

Joining an online civil services exam course can benefit you in many ways. You can get study materials, and the trainers will ensure that you crack the exams with high marks. There are many other factors to consider when it comes to selecting the best online platform for UPSC. Let’s learn some of these factors.

  1. Proper Interaction: It is a must for students and trainers to interact properly. If students are unable to understand any concept, they must feel free to discuss and clear their doubts with the trainers or faculty members. And the faculty must also give the students the proper response. Nowadays, many have adopted the remote classroom culture due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic. Due to technology, both the trainers or faculty members and the students interact live and online. You must peruse the way the coaching centers conduct classes and then come to a decision.
  2. Current affairs classes: Current affairs are crucial in the civil services examinations. You must be updated with the current happenings around the world. Since there is no specific syllabus and it is all about the current happenings, you must check if the online platform includes regular classes for current affairs. Current affairs must be taught at least five times per week and not just once a week.
  3. Resources of study material: You mustn’t just watch online videos to prepare for the exams; apart from that, you can also join live interactions, obtain study materials, including PDF study notes, soft notes, e-books, and various others. Study material is another important factor when it comes to selecting the best UPSC online course. If your coaching class has provided you with a lot of study material, it is absolutely the best one.
  4. Writing Practise: During exams, many students are judged based on their level of thinking and their writing skills. Selectors prefer candidates with a higher level of thinking and writing. So, if you opt for an online course, you must find the one that conducts various writing sessions regularly. Regular writing will not only help you practise and learn the right way of writing but also ace your exams successfully.
  5. Sectional tests: It is vital to evaluate the performance of the students at regular periods. Regular sectional tests give the faculty a clear idea of how the student is performing and their weak areas. When the students get to know the areas they need to focus on, they will work hard on those areas. Additionally, the students will be confident enough to face the civil services exams. So, you must select the online coaching class that will conduct sectional tests regularly.

If you want to select the best UPSC online course, you must keep all these factors in mind. For sure, when you work hard, learn and understand, you will be the top scorer of the civil services exam in no time.

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