Best Christmas Destinations

Christmas time in Europe is with no doubt the most beautiful destination you can spend on this holiday. With the most exciting old cities, they look even better when they’re all covered in snow. Every one of these destinations is covered in handmade wooden decorations, Christmas lights, and many more, transforming them into a perfect romantic getaway.

We know most people will prefer staying cozy inside their home this winter, but this article is a mini-guide for you when choosing a great location for their Christmas Holidays. But even though you are not a fan of exclusively Christmas Markets, this article also gives you exotic and hot destinations for the cold winter.


When playing on different betting sites in India, you had for sure multiple occasions to make great wins with good match combinations. And with that money maybe you didn’t want to spend them from the start, but now with Christmas coming soon, they are perfect for spending them on a Christmas European destination like Malta.

Many Christmas places open the shutters to the visitors and show the mini crib that they made, and the craftsmanship behind it. If you are going to its capital, Valletta, be prepared to dedicate countless hours to the Christmas market there. Also, here you’ll find a country that celebrates the famous Advent Calendar.

New York

A destination that is not from Europe is New York, which has become a winter destination in the last few years due to the multitude of Hollywood movies made here during the cold season. Even though this time of the year is very crowded, all the expectations you have for this place are finally met when you see it in real life.

Already a high attraction, Central Park has for this period the Wollman ice rink. There you can try some of your skating skills and even pretend you are in the Serendipity movie, with all the breathtaking skyline of New York right at your feet. And if you ask us, it looks just as great as you have already seen in the movie, but this time is even better.

Bath, England

If you have wondered how it is to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jane Austen, Bath in England will be a great choice. You may want to start your visit with the The Jane Austen Centre, an intriguing and beautiful place.

Another magical location is the Theatre Royal, which has an apparition in the “Northanger Abbey” book and the “Persuasion” volume. During this time of year, the usual program is modified so that it can fill musicals, dramas, and operas with the Christmas theme.

Barcelona, Spain

If you want to see some new, unusual customs, your stay in Barcelona will surprise you. If you extend your New Year’s Eve holiday, a good suggestion would be to be in town for the Three Kings Day in Barcelona, to see Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthazar. 

They usually arrive in the port with the Santa Eulalia ship, on January 5th, during the evening. All of them dressed in long beards and long robes, the show can already start. They are greeted by the city and by the mayor with cannons and fireworks, and after that, they receive the keys to the city.

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Next on the list is the actual home of Santa Claus. Even though the stories are saying that since 1820 it was believed that he lived in the North Pole, Now we cannot assign Rovaniemi with anything else.

Here, you can say that you find the Christmas Headquarters. Perfect for a family trip or even a couple one, Rovaniemi has a lot to offer. From making gingerbread cookies with Mrs/ Claus to writing their own Santa letter and giving it to him personally, the visitors have many activities here in Rovaniemi.

Nuremberg, Germany

Another Christmas market from Germany that you cannot miss is the Nurnberger Christkindlesmarks. Only this event alone brings in Nuremberg more than 2 million visitors each year. Aside from the stalls, other great attractions there are the big carved Ferris wheel, the steam train, and the vintage carousel.

All of the traditional goods that you will see at the market are handmade, so that nothing you can buy there contains plastic, maybe just wrapping paper. Also, the vendors there are putting up and installing great displays, to win the best stall Design for that year.

Honolulu, Hawaii

For the Christmas holiday in Honolulu, prepare to see Santa on a beach, wearing a pair of white and red swimwear and maybe even surfing on a tall wave there. Even though you won’t be seeing snow in Hawaii, you will be able to get away from the frosting winter and have a fresh cocktail on the beach, while waiting for Santa’s presents.

If you pick this destination, you will be enchanted by the city lights that are placed all around it. Not to mention that there is also a live parade that comes with a spectacular opening, a big tall Christmas tree.


The Christmas holiday season is the perfect season for taking a break and reflecting on your whole year. If you want to have an excellent time, Malta, Barcelona, or Rovaniemi are the best choices you can make. Pack your bag and visit the best Christmas places right now!

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