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Benzoyl Peroxide Wash: Mistakes to Avoid When Using It

If you’ve got mild to moderate acne, then benzoyl peroxide wash and the ingredients contained within can be extremely effective in resolving the issue. That’s because it’s able to kill P Acne bacteria, helping your skin to recover and resulting in fewer spots and an even, unbroken complexion. 

All that said, it does require that you use the product properly, otherwise, you won’t get the full benefit. With that in mind, here we take a look at the common mistakes people make that lead to them getting less-than-perfect results. So, if you’re strapped in and ready, let’s begin! 

Error #1 – Overusing Your Benzoyl Peroxide Wash

When you’re excited about what your BP wash will do for your skin, it can be tempting, initially at least, to use far too much of it or use it too often. The problem with this approach is that this product is far too harsh to be used more than, at most, twice a day.

So, if you begin applying it 3 or 4 times a day, it will start to become excessively dry and sore. You might even get some peeling and redness. This is an indication to stop in your tracks, as you’re now at a point where your skin needs a break.

Everyone has their own level too, so it’s always best to start slow and build when using BP for the first time. Begin with one application a day until you’re happy that you’re not getting a reaction and then, once a few weeks have passed, move up to two.

This will give your skin the time it needs to adapt to the wash. 

Error #2 – Combining BP Products 

There are a number of BP products on the market, aside from benzoyl peroxide wash and they all work in the same way. So, if you combine them, you’re going to have the same problems of overuse that we saw in error #1, as you’re basically applying BP again and again. 

Take your time to find out which BP product gives you the best results and then switch all of your other products away from BP, so you’re not doubling up. 

Error #3 – Scrubbing Too Hard With Your Wash 

It’s important to remember that it’s the BP product that’s going to solve your acne problem, not scrubbing – so let the product do its work. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin in general, BP will make it more so, so stay away from harsh exfoliators and scrubs, as your fingers will absolutely suffice.

Follow the directions on the packaging and if you have to use a cloth, use it gently or you’ll simply serve to aggravate the area and potentially spread bacteria to other parts of your face and body.

Doing the Right Things to Help Your Benzoyl Peroxide Wash Work

When you do the right things as mentioned above, you give your BP product a much better chance of working for you. Think of it as an equation that needs to be correct in order for you to get the right answer, so if you don’t load the equation up with the right actions, you can’t expect the right results.

These tips are more than simple hacks, as they’re based on how acne works and what needs to be done to eliminate the conditions that lead to acne forming. Follow what we’ve spoken about here and blemish-free skin will get that much closer to you. 

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