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Being Ready for the Joy and Pain of Motherhood

A Fully-Rounded Experience

As a mother, you’re going to see some of the most beautiful things it’s possible for a human to perceive. Birth itself is that way, though it’s incredibly painful and involved. Still, think about it critically: you’re carrying a child inside your body for nine months.

You’ve got the discomfort of the baby, the collateral effect of a change in social station, associated costs, the pain of birth, and then, voila, your child is born, and you feel incredibly free. So you have two positive experiences simultaneously: you get to see new life brought into the world through the union of you and your spouse, and you get free of the pregnancy.

Then you get to see a child develop through life until they themselves are at child-rearing age. You get to be the fount from which an entire nation may ultimately spring. That’s not the case with every pregnancy, but you get the idea. However, kids get injured, parenthood is expensive, and things don’t always go as planned.

You’ll see both the positive and negative as a mom. So what should you do about that? Well, there’s only so much prep you can really accomplish in advance. However, there are a few different things you might want to think about to make the situation easier. Consider the following.

1. Childcare Difficulties

You’re going to have problems with babysitters every now and again. While your spouse should pick up the slack when the time comes, that isn’t always feasible. Accordingly, you want to have some sort of childcare solution for when you’re not there.

2. Breastfeeding Complications

Working with lactation professionals can help you avoid a nipple injury scar, or mitigate the size of the scar. Certainly, some things can’t be avoided. For example, babies are on occasion born with teeth, and they’ve got a hard enough time figuring out how to latch; let alone doing so without letting their baby teeth clamp down on your nipple.

3. Community Isolation: Find Parental Support Groups

Parental support groups can help you find better childcare, better healthcare, daycare options, and solutions in parenting strategies that help the task to be more manageable overall. You want to avoid being isolated from your community as much as possible, and parental support groups are a great means of doing that.

Finding Your Balance

Get involved in your community through parental support groups. Understand you may very well have breastfeeding complications, and acquire support in advance. Also, look into options for childcare for when emergencies develop that you can’t control. You’re also going to want financial fallbacks, and to take the time to keep your marriage in good shape.

In short, this writing only touches on some difficulties of motherhood, and their potential solutions. However, nourishing your child, securing necessary childcare for your child, and carefully managing your involvement with parental support groups will help you be the best mom you can.

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