Beauty hacks that people swear by but are weird

As if the world of beauty was not weird and convoluted enough already, the onslaught of beauty hacks, primarily on the social media –and especially TikTok – has made things even worse.

There is an incoming of weird beauty hacks that people swear by, that on the surface seem anything but plausible. However, the views tell another story. Perhaps it is just a case of virality or maybe these inventions actually work.

However, always exercise caution before attempting the viral beauty hacks. Most often, they are not expert approved, due to which you can then run into problems, that then has you running to an online skin specialist.

Here are some of the viral and weird beauty hacks that you may test at your discretion!

Frothing skincare products

The mastermind behind this technique is TikTok. Essentially, it involves using a frother, yes you read it right, a frother that is generally used for adding froth to the coffees, to different products. Some have used it for skincare, others have used it for makeup products.

The idea with frothing is to basically add air and dilute the product with water. When used for foundation, people have claimed that it gives a natural appearance.

However, use this hack with caution. Not all products remain stable with the addition of water. Moreover, water may also then help in introducing bacteria to the product. Furthermore, the addition of water helps in diluting the product, and for in cases where quantity is important, this hack then serves little to no purpose.

Ketchup for hair color

Even though Sienna Miller trusts ketchup for use on her hair, one has to admit, it is a very weird trick. This tip is relevant to people who want to color their hair or want to correct a bad color job.

Apparently, ketchup contains vinegar, that can help with bleaching the hair, and dye if you are into correcting a bad color job. It is also used by blonde women who develop a tint in their hair when exposed to chlorinated water. Women who are trying to sort the greens and blues in their hair swear by the use of ketchup to change their hair color.

Soap for brow gel

In case you don’t want to spend money on brow gel, you can also use the trusty old bar of soap. Apparently, the soap bar has a greater grip on the brow hair, so it lasts for longer. It is also cheaper and readily available as well.

Moreover, soap is also recommended for making the brows look fluffier, as naturally, when there is greater and stronger grip of the product on the strand, it will look more pronounced.

However, try to opt for soaps with glycerin in them, as it helps in drawing moisture to the product, allowing for a better grip. Moreover, these are also then less irritating on the skin as well. Also, use a transparent bar so it doesn’t show up on the hair.

Coca-Cola as shampoo

Another weird beauty hack that may have originated from a celebrity is the use of cola, Coca-Cola to be specific, in lieu of shampoo to wash hair. The purpose of the cola is to add definition to the locks. For people who have fine hair that remain limp in the aftermath of wash, Coca-Cola is said to give hair a little lift and nice wave.

It is said that the acid in the soda helps in making the hair cuticles tighter. Similarly, sugar also adds definition to the hair as well.

Unfortunately, this trick might not offer results to everyone. Moreover, Coca-Cola is neither a shampoo –which means it does not cleanse your scalp—and nor a condition, which means it cannot be left in the hair. For making a more nuanced opinion about this weird hack, discuss it with the Best Dermatologists in Lahore before experimenting with it!

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