Are you suffering from relationship fatigue? Here is what you should try

All relationships can have their ups and downs. It is all a part of the natural process. While there can be comfort even on the stagnant days, at times, the relationship fatigue can simply be too much to bear.

Revitalize your relationship

If your relationship is stuck in a rut and you don’t take steps to remedy this situation, it can cause irreparable damage to your partnership. Some things to get rid of the relationship fatigue include:

Spice it up

Sex is the spice of life, but during the bouts of relationship downtimes, it might be the first thing that suffers. Hence, try to invest more in your sex life. Try to make special time for it. Maybe change a few things.

If you are running problems with your sex life, you should not hesitate to consult the best sexologist in Karachi. Sometimes, it’s the professional help that your relationship has been needing.

Get to know each other, again

We are all evolving, a work in a progress. What we have been like at the beginning of the relationship is not necessarily how we may be at another point in time.

So, it is good that you touch base with your partner again when things get stale. Talk to them to discover another side to your partner. These healthy conversations also help you in connecting better with yourself as well.

Go on a new honeymoon

When the relationship is becoming so monotonous that one cannot help but feel fatigued by it, perhaps it is time to go back to the beginning, and what perfect way than to go a new honeymoon.

Marked by love, excitement and discovering new things, honeymoon period is all about living life to the fullest with your partner in-tow.

Maybe try role playing

Sometimes, switching out from your usual roles and donning on avatars can help your relationship in going forward. Role playing is often construed in only sexual context, but it does not have to be so limiting.

It can be a fun game that you play together, a way to destress, try to do the absurd without having to feel embarrassed. You can also try this game using your own personality but build a story around it so that your partner can feel more connected with you.

Plan a future together

The fatigue from the daily grind of life can also be why your relationship is struggling. One way to get rid of it is by planning a happier life together. Set goals for your future. Envision a happier life together, and then work towards it.

Not only does goal making help you in achieving your dream, but it also gives you a dopamine rush, so you become happier overall.

Try new games

You are never too old to play games. They are fun, entertaining and a whole lot of laughter. You can play sports together if physical activity is something you enjoy a lot.

Otherwise, you can also try board games like monopoly, scrabble, sequence. The one funs like cards against humanity, charades and Pictionary are also games you can try to change your routine.

Try things apart

Sometimes, the fatigue can be exacerbated by the constant need to be together. Naturally, when you are going to do everything together, it can be too much time spend together. And since you both have similar experiences, there is nothing new to talk about. So, perhaps try to take up new things, alone.

Seek help from an expert

If your relationship is becoming tedious, and riddled with conflict, then perhaps you should try to get expert intervention. Couple’s therapy can be of help in this regard.

However, if your sex life in particular is behind the relationship fatigue due to sexual dysfunction, then perhaps it is best to visit an expert like Dr. Ali Shandar Durrani.

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