Apple watch bands and cases for men

People may think women will be more into fashion and style while men will focus more on quality and function. That’s a wrong idea. Men may focus on fashion and style more than women. And for a man who owns an Apple watch band, a monotonous jet black Apple watch band would not satisfy him. He will need more Apple watch bands in different styles and colors. We have summed up some amazing Apple watch bands and cases for men.

1. Apple watch bands for men

An indispensable accessory for the people who own an Apple watch. Not only for women, there are lots of original and 3rd party Apple watch bands for men to choose from.

  • New silicone rugged sport band

This new rugged sport style is designed for those who love outdoors adventure. And you can also use it on a daily basic. Made of soft and durable silicone, the band is lightweight and stylish. Uneven surface is special and the rugged look is unique and original in the market.

  • Adepoy silicone band with buckle

This one is the most trending and classical Apple watch band in our Adepoy store. Multiple color to choose from and 95% of customer find this band is fantastic. The buckle makes the band more stable and secure. It is very durable and comfortable for overnight sleep and doesn’t irritate the skin.

  • Leather band

Almost all men will buy a leather band. Leather band is mutual and retro. You can style it up with more formal clothing during special occasions. The superior texture of the leather band promises a comfortable and smooth feeling on your wrist.

  • Magnetic band

The magnetic band won’t clip your hair and very durable due to the high-quality raw material. You won’t feel stuffy when you wear the band. The magnet feels strong, secure and the band is comfortable, breathable and lightweight to wear. And there are several amazing colors to choose from.

2. Apple watch cases for men

If you don’t want to wear your watch out soon, you must need a protective case. A good Apple watch case can protect your watch from being scratched and broken. Adepoy cases will not affect the screen sensitivity

  • Normal Apple watch case

Wonderful Apple watch case that most of watch owner choose it. Not only protect your watch face, but also decorate your watch since there are lots of colors. You can change the cases in different color to match your band.

  • Rugged Apple watch case

A trending product in the market. Unlike the soft normal case, rugged Apple watch case is more hard, tough and special. Rugged sport silicone band with rugged case is the optimal match. There are different sizes for different series.

  • Leopard printed case

The style of leopard printed case is the same as the normal case, but the pattern is leopard print which is fashionable. The case is lightweight and it won’t let you watch look bulky. If you own a leopard printed band, the leopard printed case is the perfect option.

Four bands and three cases for men were listed above. If you are interested in more Apple watch accessories, please check our Adepoy website.

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