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An Effective Guideline of How to Choose the Best Down Vest

A popular “down vest” that can be worn for a long season. It is not only as outerwear in the chilly season but also as an inner vest, it has become popular recently, and it is gaining more attention.

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In that case, the most vital things are that you need to choose the best qualities “down vest.” That’s why the article provides some important considering things you should check before selecting the best ones.

Choose by surface material:

Various materials are used for the outer material of the down vest. Shiny nylon is often used for outdoor items. It looks sporty and matches casual wear.

Moreover, if you want to give an elegant impression, it is recommended to choose a wool material with a matte look. It goes well with beautiful dresses and provides urban coordination. You should choose a down vest made of a material that suits your style and is easy to wear.

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Check down ratio and fill power:

When choosing a down vest, it is also important that the item has sufficient heat retention. Thus, the first thing to check is the down rate. In addition to the down, the down vest also contains feathers in the shape of feathers.

Generally, 70 to 90% down and 10 to 30% of feathers are considered high-quality items. Also, the “fill power” of down is one of the factors that affect heat retention. Fill power is a unit that indicates the bulkiness of feathers. The higher the value, the more air is contained, so the heat-insulating effect is improved, and the heat inside the clothes is less likely to be released.

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Determine the Color:

The down vest is originally a versatile item, but you can expand your range of activities depending on how you choose the color. We recommend standard colors such as black, navy, and grey, which have a calm atmosphere. You can enjoy a wide range of combinations, from simple inners such as white shirts and knits to brightly colored check shirts.

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