Amazing pendant lights and wall lights to add grace and elegance to your living spaces

Sometimes decor is not all about making your living space look too loud or letting some heavy decor pieces outshine the rest of your house. The main idea behind decor is adding functionality that concurrently adds a good look to your house. Now, let’s talk about some simple and sober additions you can make to your home without sabotaging your decor’s existing theme or energy.

Pendant lights and wall lights, as simple as they may sound, are very important elements when it comes to lighting fixtures. It can’t be emphasized enough that appropriate lighting is key to making your living space functional and it is also essential to set the right tone and mood for your home. The White Teak Company offers an exhaustive range of pendant lights and wall lights that can add grace and elegance to your homes, let’s take a quick look at our best picks for the season…

Pendant lights

There is a common myth surrounding pendant lights that they can’t be incorporated into just any room of your house and that is absolutely false. Pendant lights are the best way you can add some warmth and colour to your home, no matter which room you place it in. Highly versatile and blendable, a few pendant lights in our collection are very apt for task lighting too. Now let’s take a look at a few of them…

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  1. Addicted: This is one of our bestselling pieces and tops this list because of its adaptability. This modern pendant light offered in a black and gold colour scheme is a very sober addition to your home but it does speak volumes with its design. Ideal for the living area, this pendant light comes equipped with a smart LED and that lets you control the colour and the brightness and make this pendant light blend into any occasion.
  2. Love Reaction: On the latest inclusions in The White Teak’s catalogue, this pendant light stands out for a number of reasons but mainly its minimalistic design and its functionality quotient. This beautiful pendant light resembles a halo with a golden finish on the inside and an LED strip on the outside. This piece can definitely be used for task lighting in any part of your home. The brightness of this beauty can be adjusted with remote control.
  3. Multi Tasker: Some of you are all about the trend and we totally get that, and there comes Multi Tasker. Smokey frosted glass is the flavour of the season and this beauty offers an amazing teardrop-shaped smokey lampshade that lends very moody energy to your space. With a modern-yet-vintage look, this piece becomes a must-buy for a space where you like having your personal moments. wcowlnews

Wall lights

Wall lights are the best source of secondary illumination in any room and they become easy to go for because of the functionality quotient they can lend to a space. Their inclusion in your decor will let your home reflect a sense of elegance, and it also lends that poise to your living space. Wall lights also become a very worthy inclusion because of their low energy consumption too. Let’s take a look at a couple of them…

  1. Say No More: The appearance of this modern beauty is as catchy and energetic as its name. One of the latest inclusions in The White Teak’s collection, this state-of-the-art wall light adds glamour to any part of the house it is placed in. Say No More comes with an exceptional metal frame and acrylic diffusers that add warmth and energy to your living space.
  2. Legacy: Looking for wall lights not too loud? Legacy is the one for you. This beauty comes with a round frosted shade that lets you keep the atmosphere  as moody and as sober as you like. Offered with a copper base, this piece can blend into any kind of decor and occasion.Visit The Site: getliker
  3. Show Me Love: Some parts of your home will require an apt secondary lighting fixture and that’s where this beauty comes in. With a minimalist and contemporary design, this piece comes with a chrome finished base and a white globe that is bright enough to energize any lazy or desolate corner of your humble more  :  expressdigest
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