All you need to know about Line-Matrix Printers – Latest Developments

They are vital in any business; their function is focused on recording transactions and their details to maintain any administrative area through the printing of receipts and the proper control of the data. In this sense, dot-matrix printers are designed to perform a critical task in the workplace.

Undoubtedly, multifunctional models seem to diminish the value of this type of printer from the early days of printing development. However, they can be advantageous in many areas, so it is essential to know the important features and other details of line matrix printers in advance. We will discuss this in this article.


Line matrix printers work by the direct impact of a matrix of needles on the paper; that is, a matrix of dots hits an ink ribbon that contains the ink, and through these hits, the characters are formed.

One of the most notable features of this type of printer is that its use reduces the cost of printing per page and also provides excellent paper handling performance. The budget will be much lower than that of printers that use toner or laser. But connectivity, print speed, and the number of characters are also significant.

What do you need to know about the printer?

If you want to be sure that you choose line matrix printers and are satisfied with them, it is wise to know the details to consider when considering purchasing one for your workplace. In the following lines, you will find all the necessary information to clarify any questions that may arise at the time of your purchase.

What exactly is a line matrix printer?

Those who have experience with printers are often associated with professions that handle a lot of paper, such as lawyers; in everyday life, they recognize the possible mistakes and the goodness that a printer needs to offer efficient work. Of course, you need to know the terms, but nothing is like practice. By definition, line matrix printers are a computer peripheral device that transcribes or marks a computer document on paper. This is done by moving the print head back and forth using ballpoint pens that mark the paper with ink to form the graphic to be printed.

What are the characteristics of a printer?

There are several attributes to consider when considering line matrix printers for your business or office. In several sections, we have listed the main characteristics that define and distinguish this type of printer. It is essential to check each of the following features before purchasing a line matrix printer. Print speed: This aspect is critical for this type of printer, as rates vary significantly for each model. It is usually measured according to the CPS (characters per second) and defines the speed of the devices, an important aspect depending on the workload or the need. Print quality: Just as important is this factor, which depends on the number of needles that the machines have. The more needles in the print head, the higher the print quality. Durability: One of the most attractive features of dot matrix printers is their durability. In general, the work team is expected to maintain productivity and adapt to different needs. Multilayer printing: Another great advantage is that this type of printer can print on multilayer paper, which means that it allows the use of carbon paper to duplicate copies, which helps reduce costs.

How to properly install a printer?

Line matrix printers are beneficial to create orders in the company records and to regulate the management system. It is essential to invoice the services or products you offer. You must understand the elements of these printers in order to use the device correctly. Check the contents of the box. You must make sure that the printer accessories are complete, in addition to the printer device, ribbon or cartridge, the paper guide, a power cord, also a floppy disk with the installation software and documents manufacturer’s applicable warranty.

Choose a suitable place to place your printer

It is equally important that you find a suitable location for your dot matrix printer, ideally a flat surface near an electrical outlet. Note that it is necessary to place the unit away from other wireless devices due to the potential for interference.

  • Install the ribbon: Before making sure the printer is turned off, remove the cover altogether so that it does not interfere with the installation process. Turn the knob on the side to stretch the tape, and to avoid tangling the heads, hold the cartridge in your hand. Take control of the handle and adjust the tape in the installation area where the pair of side hooks meet.
  • Then put the tape under the paper guide: you can help yourself with a pencil, and then just check the correct installation by activating the test slider. Then put the lid back on, and that’s it.
  • Insert the paper guide: If you check the structure of the matrix printer, you will indeed find some slots to accommodate the paper guide. Just take the guide and mount it upright to carefully align the small sheets of paper using light pressure with your hands.
  • Installing the software: Once the printer is connected to an electrical outlet or computer, the software must be installed to access its functions. To do this, insert the disc contained in the box and wait until a new dialog box opens. Click on it, follow the steps, and that’s it. You may also have to go to the manufacturer’s site.

Conclusion¨ printers are intended almost exclusively USED for printing forms, invoices, and other documents that do not require high resolution and colour.

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