All that is to know about Women’s activewear

Fashion is an ever-changing phenomenon. A few decades ago, women wore long-drawn uncomfortable gowns. It soon changed into fluid clothes, and now activewear dominates the fashion industry. It is a comprehensive move towards clothes being all about comfort. Activewear was a niche market earlier restricted only to athletes, gym-goers and yoga professionals. But the adoption of activewear by celebrities and social media influencers made it a staple in people’s wardrobes. But not everybody knows about all the kinds of clothing coming under the category of  Women’s activewear.


Tights are the most common of their kind. Most people believe that Tights are synonymous with activewear for women. That is the amount of popularity it has gained over the years. Almost every woman who is involved in any physical activity owns one of these. The cause of its widespread fame is due to the comfort it provides. Its extreme flexibility and breathable fabric make it ideal for workouts. It stays close to the skin and does not obstruct one’s work. It is also pocket friendly which makes it an attractive option among young adults and working-class women.

Track pants:

It was a product that rose to fame quite recently. It was a product that was exclusive to athletes who wrote it during their practice sessions. The products became available to mainstream consumers after the popular demand of sports fans. It went on to become one of the most selling products in fashion. Its popularity is because it can be used both as activewear as well as leisurewear. It is suited for both people who hit the gym daily and couch potatoes. The flexibility it provides makes it a must-have in everybody’s wardrobe.


Tees come in various forms made using different materials, but tees that come under activewear have synthetic materials or recycled fabrics as their raw materials. Tees are known to give a loose fit for a more comfortable wearing experience. These tees are weightless, and one often forgets that they are wearing one. It is what sets tees apart from other types of clothing on this list.


These are relatively new to most people. It is a top that resembles a baggy dress to increase the aeration. It is a highly comfortable top for women that is best suited for an outdoor workout. It is also great as a nightdress. They provide a clean and elegant look. It is the perfect attire for sweaty summer days. The breathability of the fabric is essential when choosing a tank. The washing and drying process of tanks is easy as they dry quickly and by only using air-drying. It is stylish and comfortable and is the best of both worlds. It should be a part of every women’s summer collection.

Crop top:

It is not a new concept for women. A crop top when it comes to women’s activewear is required to provide support and comfort. It can provide support to the breasts even while doing demanding tasks like weight lifting or running. It does so without compromising on comfort or breathable nature. The amount of difference it provides when compared to a traditional bra is exceptional. It is one of the most necessary parts of any women’s dress collection.


It is one of the least known products under activewear australia. But it is one of the most helpful pieces of clothing on this list. It is exceptional as gym clothes, and at the same time, it can also function as swimwear. It is for people who juggle more than one kind of workout. It has the staple stretch material making it notably flexible and comfortable.

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