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Whether you have a carport or a garage, a parking block is a great way to prevent damage to your personal property newslookup. These blocks are made from recycled rubber and are designed to provide a flat, even surface for parking your vehicle. Because of their reflective yellow stripes, they do not require any mounting hardware.

There are two types of parking blocks. One is flexible and has a stop sign. The other is fixed to the wall of your garage. When a car approaches a sign, a battery-powered light turns on. The lights are able to run for up to 72 hours to notify other drivers Giniloh.

Rubber parking blocks provide safety while also turning a seemingly unorganized parking area into a well-organized parking lot. They also prevent vehicles from parking on sidewalks and in other restricted areas. They are also made from recycled materials and can be easily removed and replaced as needed. This product is very popular and comes with instructions for installation Itsmypost.

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