Advantages and Disadvantages of Cheap Pinewood Wardrobe

Pine wardrobes are more environmentally friendly than other wardrobes. Especially at present, many painted wardrobes contain extremely high formaldehyde content. Due to pine wardrobes’ strong elasticity and breathability, even the painted pine wardrobes have a much lower formaldehyde content than other wardrobes. The Pinewood wardrobe, which is not sprayed paint, maintains the original characteristics, natural texture, and natural beauty.

Cheap pine wardrobes

Pine is a coniferous forest species with high forest coverage. All trees are naturally generated without any manual intervention so that after processing into timber, the branches will leave traces of natural growth. Therefore, the true and natural beauty can be fully displayed on this material when making furniture. Create a very comfortable and relaxing wardrobes environment. Pine wardrobes have a long service life, and if they are properly maintained, they may be passed down as family heirlooms. High-quality cheap pine wardrobes have a unique smell of logs, and this particular smell is beneficial for human health, just that someone might not hear it.


  1. Material selection, design, and manufacture of pinewood wardrobes. Pine belongs to coniferous forest species. All the trees are there as the forest cover is more not pruned manually, so that after processing into the wood, the branches are left with natural growth. Trace. When making furniture, they can fully demonstrate materials’ authenticity, simplicity, and natural beauty.
  2. Most pine wardrobes are generous and straightforward, full and smooth in a row. The making method with more miniature carving is environmentally friendly and healthy and looks more natural and beautiful. Presented and placed at home, it is beautiful and high quality and is the first choice for buying cabinetry.
  3. Good pine wardrobes have a long service life after periodic maintenance. Maybe it can be passed down as heirlooms from generation to generation. Pine itself is firm and not easy to be damaged. The quality of pine wardrobes made of pine is even better. Very lovely, and pinewood wardrobes have preservation value and last longer than average wood!
  4. High-quality pine wardrobes will emit a unique smell of logs. Some people may not be used to it at first, but a cheap pine wardrobes particular smell is helpful to the human body and beneficial to health.


  1. Pine wardrobes wood softer, wardrobes are easy to crack and deformation, high moisture content can easily lead to cracking, so pay attention to moisture. Which is natural and natural, but some consumers think that a good board should not have apparent knots on the surface, and it is normal for pinewood to have knots. As long as it does not affect the structural strength of wardrobes components, tiny knots are still allowed.
  2. The newly bought pine wardrobes have a particular pine smell, which may be unaccustomed to some consumers, and there will be apparent marks when touched a little. Not only that, but the pine cabinets are also easy to collapse, even when they have just been purchased and assembled.
  3. Some pine wardrobes manufacturers cover up the pine knots several times with paint spraying, making wardrobes finish the film is thick, pine wardrobes lost the true nature of the pursuit of the core values of nature, pine furniture darkening is normal, pine Contains a large amount of pine resin and other substances. When pine wardrobes are exposed to the air for a long time, the contents will react with the air, resulting in a darkening of the color of the furniture. After all, this is not a quality problem of the material, nor does it affect the regular operation of consumers.

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