A Look at the KSA Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia is home to the Two Holy Mosques. It is also the focal point of the Arab and the Islamic world. The custodian of this and; His Royal Highness and the Crown Prince have taken the initiative to make the Kingdom’s economy sustainable. Saudi Arabia is using its investment power to diversify its various economies and industries.

The Kingdom’s new venture, Vision Realization Program, celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. Reaffirming their primary motives, His Royal Highness and the Crown Prince have drawn out a roadmap to achieve their goals by 2030. This Vision 2030 is set to diversify the economy, support local businesses, promote the business world to invest in Saudi Arabia, and lead trade between the three continents, namely Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Objectives of Vision 2030

As the Kingdom heads into a new phase, the vision has shifted to strategic objectives. Hopefully, with collaboration with the vision realization program, integrity, and divine help, Saudi Arabia aspires to achieve these objectives.


The vision program consists of 3 levels. Each level has its objectives.

  1. Level 1 consists of 6 overarching objectives
  2. Level 2 consists of 27 branch objectives
  3. Level 3 consists of 96 strategic objectives.

A Pioneering Nation

First and foremost, Saudi Arabia wishes to boost government performance effectively. They aim to enable social control and improve the local living conditions. Initiatives taken to achieve this goal include:

  1. A Housing Program
  2. A Quality of Life Program
  3. A Fiscal Sustainability Program

A Prosperous Economy

Next, Saudi Arabia seeks to become one of the leading economies in the world. For this purpose, they have taken steps to grow and branch out their economy. Another objective is to increase the employment rate. Initiatives taken to achieve this goal include:

  1. Health Sector Transformation Program
  2. Financial Sector Development Program
  3. Doyof Al Rahman ProgramVisit the site: 7starhd me

A Dynamic Society

Finally, the Kingdom is essaying to create a dynamic society. They wish to strengthen their Islamic identity and provide the public with a content life. A solid national singularity and a robust public are the final keys to accomplishing the vision. Therefore, a great many plans have been rolled out to achieve this. They are:

  1. Privatization Program
  2. National Transformation Program
  3. Public Investment Fund Program
  4. National Identity Development and Logistic Program
  5. Human Capability and Development Program


Saudi Arabia has launched Vision 2030 to become a leading economic force globally. The Kingdom is driven by the blood and sweat of its sons and daughters. Now the authorities wish to repay their efforts by improving their quality of life. Therefore, this plan was reviewed, reexamined, and revised to meet the current demands of the nation.

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