A Gamer’s Guide To Purchasing A Brand New Gaming Laptop

How To Buy A Brand New Gaming Laptop

The business world is evolving rapidly, and more and more people are refusing to be a part of the traditional 9-5 work schedule. This means that employees are starting to travel more while they work, and many of them want to take their hobbies with them, such as video gaming. A good gaming laptop can allow you to take all of your favourite games with you wherever you go. It provides great flexibility for the gamer on the go, but it also means having to invest in some decent hardware.

Due to the nature of high quality and intensive gaming, a good gaming laptop is a must. There are countless stories of laptops not offering great FPS numbers or running too hard.

1. Heating Requirements

It goes without saying that laptops are not nearly as efficient as desktops when it comes to heat management. The tight spaces, compact nature, and fewer fans means that gaming laptops often have trouble staying cool. This is why it’s a good idea to do a bit of a research on the laptops that you are interested in. Reviewers will often do an entire section on the thermal capabilities of a laptop and will provide an idea of how well it handles high CPU usage. It’s not uncommon for lower quality laptops to break from overheating, so it’s worth looking at.

2. Upgradeability

Even if you buy a state-of-the-art laptop right now, it won’t take more than a few years for it to show its age. But if you can upgrade some of the internal components, you could get many more years out of the device. It’s a good idea to opt for laptops that provide the ability to upgrade certain hardware components, such as RAM and storage. Adding new RAM and a better SSD to a laptop can boost its performance significantly, and give new life to an older device. Think twice before selling your gaming laptop if a few upgrades can make it that much better for cheaper.

3. Portability

Another aspect of a new gaming laptop to consider is how portable it is. This is ultimately up to your comfort levels and how much you travel. If you just want a powerful machine to have around the house, a 15” or 17” is usually a great choice – perfect for gaming, working, or enjoying the latest games at Black Lotus Casino. If you find that you are out and about often and like to travel, something smaller is generally a better fit. Just be aware that smaller gaming laptops might not have the same heating abilities as something larger, so it’s worth keeping in mind.

4. Graphical Components

Gaming laptops offer either integrated or dedicated graphics. Integrated graphics are fine if you play light games, 2D games that don’t need much power. For anything more than that, a dedicated GPU is recommended, and most modern gaming laptops come with either an Nvidia or AMD graphics card.

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