A Brief Guide on Small Business SEO Packages


If you thought that digital marketing and SEO are only meant for big businesses or some specific kind of businesses, then you have got it wrong. In the world of wide competition and markets becoming global, it is in fact the small businesses that need Phoenix SEO and digital marketing more. So, here we bring you a brief guide on how, why and what small businesses do while choosing SEO packages.

Need for SEO

Wondering why is it so important for small businesses to focus on SEO??? 

  1. Helps build a wide reach: As a small business, you are still on the journey of becoming a brand. This means you are yet to create that niche for yourself. In such a situation, a well-planned SEO strategy can help you reach out to your target audience in a bigger way.
  2. Cost effective: It is a known fact how expensive and limited reach traditional marketing has become. In this scenario, for small businesses who are looking at wider reach in affordable reach, SEO proves the best.
  3. Helps build customers: In the initial stages of brand building, it is essential to not just do targeted marketing but also focus on customer engagement and customer relationship building. Digital marketing consultant los angeles are a great way to get your company out there. They will help you create a digital marketing strategy and implement it for your company.

What to watch out???

Now that we have a clear picture of why is SEO indispensable, it is now important to look at what must be part of your SEO package. With the growing demand for digital marketing and SEO packages, there are many service providers out there, offering a range of packages. This can be overwhelming but at times can prove to be confusing and misleading. Therefore, we bring you the components small business SEO packages that almost all small businesses can opt for:

  1. Website building and maintenance: The first offering of the Durham SEO package is about your website. For a small business, having a well designed, written and hosted website is like winning half the battle of digital marketing. Therefore, the package must offer, checking the technical health, user experience and content navigation of the website. In short checking on things like: the website is loading smoothly on system and phone, the pages are well linked to make the navigation smooth etc.
  2. Keyword research: The success of SEO greatly depends on the keywords used in the digital content. Therefore, the SEO package must and should include keyword research. This means, that the service provider, based on your business type, would conduct industry-specific keyword research to arrive at the words that must be infused in the content used on the website and other digital communication.
  3. Content management: When you are planning to build your digital presence, you may want to be there all across. However, that may not be ideal at all times. That’s where your SEO comes to your rescue. Therefore, your SEO package must include content management i.e. identifying what content goes where on the digital space.
  4. Backlinking: After the entire digital presence is defined and ready, the next crucial step is to make yourself visible. That’s where backlinking comes in. Therefore, your SEO package must include backlinking. Backlinking is all about making your website visible by getting yourself mentioned on other websites and social media handles. This helps build organic reach and genuine clients.
  5. Social media management: Gone are the days when businesses and individuals used to manage their social media handles. However, off late people have realized that a mere posting is not what makes you create a stir on social media. Social media when exploited the right way, can prove to be the best platform to build your brand. Therefore, social media management too is an element that you must incorporate in your SEO package. For example, with this service, you would come to know what content must be shared on which platform and how. Managing social media with this element can actually make it highly engaging and interesting.

In addition to the above mentioned mandatory elements of the SEO package, you can tweak your package depending on the type of business you are in and the kind of market penetration you are looking at. In short, no two businesses are alike and therefore, a minor tweaking is needed.

As you get a fair idea of what an SEO package should look like, here are some thumb rules for the digital space:

  1. Share it all with honestly
  2. Share it all with a sense of being a responsible
  3. Keep the communication uniform and consistent across all the digital place.
  4. Keep yourself relevant
  5. Focus on building a connection than trying to sell your brand.

Though there are professionals offering SEO services, having a self-understanding of what it is and how it is done always comes in handy. Also, it reduces the probability of you being exploited by anyone who knows SEO better than you.

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