8 ways that Google AdWords can improve you business.

Google AdWords is a fantastic platform with a bunch of strong methodologies and powerful tools that help achieve any of your goals. Google AdWords is going to be a fantastic digital marketing tool for your business. There are a number of campaign strategies available to meet any goal that you may be setting. So, let’s look at how Google Ads can be not only a great marketing tool, but also a great return on investment too.

1. Marketing in a new way

Digital marketing has been around since the invention of the internet and by extension email. Early days of its inception led people to believe that marketing online was good, but not worthwhile doing over more traditional styles, like print or TV advertising. Fast forward to 2021, and in the middle of a global pandemic, nothing could be more important to you and your business, than having a great digital presence. Google ads are paid advertisements that you would see pop up at the top of the search results page (SERP). These ads would be related to the terms used in the search bar. Getting a good ads campaign to match your goals will be the first thing to identify. Once that is done, your campaign can be tailored to helping you grow your business more and more by simply taking your marketing to a digital space.

2. Brand awareness

Let’s take out all the goals, all the algorithm tricks, any of the confusing jargon that you may find on any page and get one thing very clear. From the simple act of starting an ads campaign, you will gain access to the massive reach that Google has to offer your business. Now, Google is a company so big, that its name is synonymous with getting answers. “Google it” is a common phrase nowadays. The importance of getting yourself visible on a platform that achieves literally trillions of searches a year is not only important for conversions, but it’s important that people are given the opportunity to see your website, and get an idea about your business. Whether you’re new to a neighbourhood, or have been in business for a decade, being easy to find online is going to be one of the most important requirements for a business in 2021. Get your brand out there by developing a great website that is clear and informative, and backing it up with some great digital marketing.

3. Easily adjust your campaign

One of the first things to note about Google Ads, is that it will also be a great budgeting friend. What Google Ads provides is the ability to scale your radius, making a broader search possible. If you work in a large industry, all the better. There may be some competition, but not to worry, every business will have their unique selling point, or USP. This selling point is a great way to build your campaign effectively. It shows that your business is great at this particular aspect over any other business. To scale out your ads effectively you just need to be willing to reach more people in your industry with a little bit of extra spend. Or by getting a digital marketing agency to assist in a digital remarketing campaign.

4. Great targeting methods.

One thing Google will have against most other search engines, is its amazing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Google’s algorithms and AI is fundamental to the search engines success as a consumer platform and as a platform for marketing. Google is great at taking the data it collects from consumers and putting ads in front of the people who are most likely to purchase. So when creating your keywords to target your ideal customer, Google’s AI is working hard to match up your ads with not only the relevant search terms, but also to get people who are already primed and wanting to engage with a business like yours.

5. Easily findable

One of the great things that Google Ads Agency does for your business, is not only will it run your ad, but it does show some information around it. This information can be your location. If you have a physical location for your business then Google helps people understand where you are and how easy it is to get there. As a result it uses this data to reliably locate nearby businesses for users. Resulting in a good target range in the location your business is in. This ability works for both your potential customers, providing them with a great user experience through Google, but also it helps benefit you, targeting the people that are in close proximity to your business.

6. Mobile optimised

A really great benefit of Google ads is that it is not just for a search result on desktop. You can specifically target mobile users. Now this technique is definitely something worthwhile nowadays as a huge number of people are shifting away from searching on desktops to searching on their phones. The majority of people nowadays search for businesses and do most Googling on their phones. It is always worthwhile to target these users as the technique can pick up people who might be visiting your location, or have search for related field on their phones prior. Finally a good note, is that in light of the data highlighting more people search on their phones, Google’s algorithm does favour mobile users in search campaigns more so in comparison to desktop users. This is their mobile-first algorithm.

7. Results that do more than just help you gloat

A really important aspect of Google ads is how versatile and useful their analytics are. You can use these analytics in a number of ways to inform any changes you might have to your campaign. You can play with your campaign, by running multiple ads that are identical but go to different pages. This technique is known as split testing. This advantage allows you to turn off the ads that are less effective and allow you to continue optimising month on month. Meaning if you have a slow month, you can build. If you have a good month, it shows you how you can replicate that. It’s always going to be an ongoing situation, but the best thing about google ads, is that these results will help you get great ROI, and great results in general.

8. Budgeting

Last but not least, let’s talk about how Google Ads helps the hip pocket and gets you noticed early on. So, money is important to balance when running a business, and establishing that budget for your marketing campaign is a must. However, Google ads allows you to set a low amount if you need to focus on other costs first. You can run a decent campaign on a modest budget if you wish. The one thing to remember though, is that the more you spend, generally the better the results.

In conclusion, these 8 reasons are designed to show you how you can best advertise on Google, and how well the advertising works for your business.

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