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8 Top Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Most shoppers prefer buying online because it is easier, saves you time, and offers the best prices. However, before shopping, you need to be sure your money will be safe, the product’s quality is okay, and the goods will be delivered on time.

Avoid Using a Debit Card

When shopping online, avoid using a debit card and instead use PayPal or a credit card. Debit cards are linked with your accounts, and if someone hacks them, they can obtain your information. Also, if a deal goes wrong, the credit card company will immediately cancel the transaction and investigate. However, if you use a debit card and a problem arises, your bank will take a long time to reverse the money.

Update Your Software

software update is the best way to protect your information. New attacks are developed now and then, and it’s best to improve your security. Ensure you do it whenever you see an alert for a software update on your PC or phone.

Beware of Scammers

An online store that offers too low prices may be suspicious. Most stores with too low prices get their stuff illegally or sell fake brands, not the ones in the photos. Other shops come with an offer only to say the item is out of stock after payment and offer to sell you another thing instead.

Make Strong Passwords

There is a reason why people are advised to create strong passwords. Always have unique passwords to protect your information and avoid using one password for multiple accounts. A complicated password will be hard to crack, and you can use a password manager to help you create unique passwords.

Avoid Stores that Require More Information

When shopping, expect to give out your telephone number, email and shipping address, and mode of payment. Beware of sites that ask for information such as driver’s license number or bank account details. Spare a minute to check the site’s privacy policy to be sure of your data security.

Deal with Known or Reputable Sellers

If someone you trust recommends the store, you can shop for things like bedding without worry. However, if the store is new to you, research if it is legit, check the reviews, and avoid purchasing if the store is not reviewed by the relevant authorities.

Check Company’s Shipping Terms

Always check the seller’s shipping terms to avoid paying expensive fees. A good online seller should provide tracking, insurance, and ship the items within a few days.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Hackers target free hotspots because they are not secured. They know people like free things even when shopping and doing online transactions. If you must use a public network on your phone, don’t log into your bank account or PayPal to avoid exposing your information.

Online shopping is fun; you just need to click “buy,” and the item is delivered to you. However, the buying process may not always go smoothly. You can fall for scammers or expose your information to bad guys. So, secure your software, buy from reputable stores and avoid using a debit card.

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