8 Tips on Choosing a Gel Blaster

Choosing a gel blaster requires great attention to avoid buying a product that will not help you. It often comes down to personal preference, but other factors should also be considered.

1. Type of gel blaster

It’s important to decide what kind of Electric gel blasters you want – solid or liquid. Water-soluble gels will dissolve in water after application, while solvent-soluble gels are not water-soluble. A solvent-soluble gel blaster will allow you to use it for longer and get better results. However, it makes the hair more rigid and stiffer than water-soluble gels.

2. Size of the gel blaster

Narrower nozzles will give less coverage than wide ones, which means that you can use more products at one time with a wider nozzle. This also makes doing larger patterns like lines and zig-zags easier because your hand doesn’t need to be as steady. The best gel blaster nozzle size is one that can do both small and large patterns easily, so you only need to purchase one type of nozzle for your entire design.

3. Number of tips per cartridge

Cartridges often come with anywhere between four and eight different tips, but the average amount is six. The more nozzles you have, the more variety of designs you can do. However, one tip per cartridge may be all that is needed if it provides enough flexibility for your needs.

4. Usage time

Gel blaster cartridges are often only good for a limited amount of usage before they require replacement – anywhere from 20 to 60 applications. This varies depending on the brand and type of gel blaster. Choose a gel blaster that provides more usage time, so you don’t have to replace it as often.

5. Cleaning ease

The best Gel Blaster should be easy to clean, either by rinsing with water or leaving it in a dishwasher. Some people find cleaning difficult and choose cartridges without removable nozzles because they are easier to clean. However, cartridges with removable nozzles may be more hygienic and easier to clean.

6. Brand quality

The best way to find the right cartridge is by spending money on a good one. This ensures that you can use your gel blaster without any issues for as long as possible, making it more cost-effective than purchasing cheaper cartridges that don’t work well or break quickly. Quality brands like TacToys offer value for money and it is worth considering them.

7. Price

Price is always a consideration when purchasing anything, and battery gel blasters are no different. The best gel blaster for you may be more expensive than another option, but it’s important to consider the product’s overall value. A more expensive gel blaster may offer better quality and last longer than a cheaper one, making it more cost-effective in the long run.

8. Availability

Finally, consider where you want to purchase your gel blaster. Many websites and beauty supply stores sell them online or in-store, but it’s important to choose a retailer that offers the best selection of cartridges compatible with your brand. This ensures that you can find replacement nozzles when needed.

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