8 Secrets to Awesome Engagement: How to Plan Before Your Wedding

Engagement is the best time of your life. Engagement is a happy time when you can be with the person you love and share all those wonderful secrets that only two people in love will know! Engaged couples are always on their toes as they plan for their perfect wedding, but it’s not always easy to keep up with everything. In this blog post, we’ll offer 8 Engagement Secrets to help make your engagement a success!

Secret One: Take some time apart from each other during engagement in order to make sure we’re thinking about the other person’s needs too – it’s not just a time for personal reflection but also to think about how our partner is feeling and what they want from this engagement period of their life. Engagements are chances for both partners to grow and change together, so take some time apart in order to better understand each others’ individual needs during this exciting process.

Secret Two: Engage your personal touch by designing the wedding yourself!

Secret Three: Engagement photos should be fun and memorable for future generations – go somewhere new, dress up and really think about how you want these images to be remembered.

Secret Four: Check with your health care providers before the big day arrives so that everything is taken off as much as possible on that special day. This will also serve as a good reminder to make sure all other necessary preparations are done while we’re engaged rather than after when there’s less time available. Remember what those wedding planners always say? It’s better late than never.

Secret Five: Set aside space in your home where items live until they need them. This includes any food, drinks, clothes, decorations, wedding ring Sydney…basically anything you might need at some point during the process. Take these things out now rather than later to prevent clutter.

Secret Six: Get ahead on wedding planning by creating wedding to-do lists that can be sent out as necessary (and updated) throughout your whole engagement process! This way you’ll have an idea of what everyone should focus on while they’re getting ready instead of trying to organize everything at once when there may be more than one thing requiring attention all at once. Engagements are all about having fun and enjoying yourselves, so make sure to plan ahead for when the hard work starts.

Secret Seven: Engage with family AND friends during your engagement period! Having time to spend quality time with those who mean most to us is a great way of making it through this process together – you’ll be rewarded on that big day because everyone will just light up at the sight of both partners walking into the room 🙂

Secret Eight: Engage in some relaxation while preparing as there’s plenty more stress coming later once last-minute details come along. Engagements should be enjoyable before they become stressful, so take care of yourself now by relaxing and appreciating what an amazing journey this has been thus far!

The Engagement process is a time for both partners to grow and change together, so it’s important that we’re thinking about each other’s needs during this exciting time. Engagements provide an opportunity for both parties to spend quality time with those who mean the most in our lives, which will be rewarding on your big day when everyone lights up just because you walked into the room!

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