8 Considerations Before Running an Escape Room Business 

Escape rooms, often referred to as breakout escape rooms or breakout rooms, are based on a thrilling concept where people are locked inside a room, and they have to make their way out by solving cryptic puzzles. The player has to co-operate with their team and find the clues before the time runs out.  

Currently, the escape industry is growing at an exponential rate, with local brands popping up here and there, attracting residents and tourists in the city. If you are also considering starting your own escape business. here are 8 things to consider before you seal the deal:  

  • Play escape rooms 

First off, you have to familiarize yourself with everything related to an escape room. To create a good game, you need to be a great player. That’s how you’ll know it – the rules, the settings, and what keeps the game interesting. Learn the details and differences in various escape rooms. Compare them and see what makes one game better than the other, even if they’re of the same theme.  

  • Market research  

Before starting any business, you have to research thoroughly about it. It’s important to know about the escape room and its past, present, and future. You can decide whether you want an online or offline escape room or both. If it’s offline, then you’ll have to search for the perfect venue that’ll suit your needs.  

  • Analyze your competitors  

Having competition will push you to do better and to learn new things as you move forward. Get to know your competitors and study what kind of themes they have or trends that they follow in their escape rooms. Analyze how they run their business if they’ve been in this field for a while now.  

  • Connect with the Community 

Communities are mostly available on online platforms like Facebook or Reddit. Join them to be a part of the kind community that’d aid you in starting your business. There’ll also be conferences and seminars focusing on the new trends and themes of escape rooms or simply guiding you to run your own business.  

  • Talk to escape room owners

The escape room community is warm and welcoming. Most owners would be willing to offer you advice or share their own business journeys. Some will also recommend new escape rooms to their customers without minding the competition. So feel free to befriend other escape room owners to learn and grow your business with them.  

  • Plan it out 

We can’t have everything figured out in the beginning, but it’s important to plan the basic ideas and necessities before beginning anything else. Decide on a name, logo, and tagline. Sketch an outline or summary of everything you’ve done or learned for your business. Think about employees and the team that you’ll want to hire as you start your business.  

  • Venue and Themes 

Location is a dominant factor in determining the success of a business. You’ll have to choose your location based on your target audience, accessibility, and facilities such as parking lots. Once the location is set, you can list out numerous themes by checking the competitors and current trends.  

  • Financing and Budget 

Capital is essential to running any business. Location is a fixed expense, other than that, and there’ll be other bills such as electricity, taxes, repairs, marketing, and salaries. You have to make a budget and keep track of your expenses. 

Running your own escape room business will definitely take lots of preparations and effort but it will be rewarding, both in terms of revenue and job satisfaction. If you keep all these considerations in mind and start with a firm ground beneath your feet, your escape business can see the light of success in no time. 

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