7 Simple Tips To Create A Stunning YouTube Intro Video

YouTube is a universal platform. Every person looks up to google to find solutions to their problems. Fortunately, YouTube has its answers too!

Having millions of users is why it is the most powerful marketing platform after Google. Many marketers have switched to YouTube for the promotion of their brand. It won’t help if you show only a video to the viewers without any plan. A video needs a proper draft from the start till the end. It is user-friendly and could even change the viewers into potential buyers.

It is of utmost importance that you understand the need for a good intro for the video. If you feel that you can not create an intro video on your own, use a youtube intro maker tool for this purpose. Intros constitute the beginning of a video that briefly explains the video in a few seconds and is crucial to keep the viewers engaged. This article outlines some tips to create the perfect introduction to your video.

Seven tips to make the best intro for a youtube video:

  • Ambition-

The first task is to examine the element of your films and prepare how your intro will complement while not disrupting the flow of the material.

Establishing an objective for your opening sequence will help you create something compatible with your channel while strengthening your audience’s trust.

The beginning can also indicate your perseverance in your channel.

When you’re unable to describe a meaning for your intro, you do not have to compose one at all.

  • Keep it concise- 

Make sure that your intro doesn’t interfere with your content. Keep it quick and brief. Do not put lengthy introductions, as it can bore the audience before the actual video starts. Watch your video, consider its pace, and see that the intro solves its purpose. There is a skip option for the introduction part on Youtube. 

Watch your video, consider the pace and make beyond any doubt that the intro is satisfying its purpose. You can also check the video maintenance section for the information and watch if there’s any wavering recently and after the introduction. To do so, go to YouTube Analytics and degree to see the results.

  • Visual appearance-

Making the visual character of your intro ought to be straightforward, particularly in case you, as of now, have a well-defined plan. There’s no need to worry if you don’t know almost anything about the process. For example, you can use a simple photo with the channel’s name. Feel free to explore and include little individual touches. But don’t go over the edge. Your objective is to present the video in an objectively and charming way.

  • Music-

When choosing the music, you’ve got two options: 

  1. Choose a particular melody for the intro, comparative to the introduction in arrangement or TV shows. It is a good choice if you want to strengthen your brand, together with your audience.
  2.  Create an intro without a particular melody, essentially use each video’s soundtrack. Typically a better alternative is to keep the introduction quick and more versatile. 

There are no rules set in stone. It’s your wish to reflect and select what makes the foremost sense for your channel. 

An important tip is to watch out together with its sound volume! Attempt to keep the sound at the same level as the rest of the video.

Remember not to use copyright music without the owner’s permission.

An Intro Maker has a library of music that you can use.

5. Use Animations-

Animations are an instant way to grab your viewer’s attention. You may use an intro maker to include animation.

6. Bring clarity to your intro-

You may want to write all the text in the intro to give a brief. It will make the introduction messy.

Make it simple, attractive, and clean. 

Add elements such as the title, brand’s logo, and animations.

7. Make it friendly-

Be open, friendly, and welcoming when introducing yourself with a clip. Try to use familiar and inviting words as you would do for an old friend. Make sure the intro you use for your videos is appropriate for all types of videos you may create; otherwise, you won’t get the best results. Include any catchphrases you’ve found successful for your channel (but don’t force it).

So, to create a perfect intro for your upcoming video, note down some key takeaways-

  • Establish an objective.
  • Always make an intro with a warm welcome.
  • Do some research and put in the best elements.
  • Animations can help to grab the viewer’s attention immediately.
  • Time is of utmost importance. Keep the intro as quick and concise as possible.
  • Use background music to match the tone of the content.                              


Now that you have all the tips to make the best intro for your youtube channel video. Start to make an intro for your next video.

Look on similar channels or channels that you enjoy, and note what you notice about their intros. You should provide an introduction that is individual, engaging, and representative of your brand. It’s best to stick to your intro for a while for consistency. If you need to change it, you can always do so. 

Those who have come to the conclusion screen of your video are much more involved with your substance. So, utilize your video ending to investigate your relationship along with your gathering of people. So, take your time and be sure to do it right!

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