7 Nail Polish Combinations To Try In Winter

Have you ever had that moment when you looked at all the nail polish colors your manicurist had available and wished you could use more than one? This is a recurring feeling around here and at these times, we invest in best nail stamper kit to obtain multiple nail polish combinations.

Mixing colors or types of finish is the guarantee of a unique, different manicure and without the feeling of sadness for having left a color aside. There are some nail polish combinations that are already classic in beauty salons and others that we just go for our feeling. With that in mind, we selected some nail arts and nail art accessories that bring beautiful nail polish combinations to inspire you the next time you update your nails.

Lilac + White

Not always nail polish combinations need to be something grand or extravagant, sometimes the beauty is in the details. If you are not a fan of the union of different colors, bet on the nail painted in a delicate one, such as lilac and make drawings with white enamel. The result is a romantic and funky manicure.

Mustard + Green

But if you are looking for colors, our tip during the winter is to bet on more closed tones, such as yellow and dark green. The combination totally escapes the obvious and allows you to play with the designs, like this animal print nail art.

Black + White

Classic and loved by all, B&W works even in nail polish combinations. Here it is worth organic shapes, even bet on animal print. Unleash your creativity, because these colors will make your nails look beautiful in winter and all year round.

Earth tones + Gold

Of course, glitter can also come in as an option for winter nail arts. The secret is to combine it with sober nail polishes, such as those in earthy tones.

Black + Green glow

You know those manicures that change color according to the light? So, one of the ways to achieve this look is through the combination of nail polishes. A tip for the manicure on cold days is to bet on mixing black with a shine, in this case green. The combination of colors will be able to enhance the background tone, but also have the colored glow present.

Wine + Gold

Another combination for golden enamel is wine. The strong color brings power to the nails and that warm we need in winter. Gold, on the other hand, makes the look more cheerful and elegant.

Earth tones + White

To close, the classic combination of nail polish colors is earthy tones. Investing in different shades of brown guarantees a harmonic nail and you can give it an extra touch by bringing a few touches of white.

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