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7 Must-Have Flat Shoes for Every Woman

While some people love to strut down the street wearing a covetable pair of high heels, some prefer keeping things easy and casual. Either way, owning a pair of flat shoes is a MUST.

Flat shoes can complement several styles, occasions, and events thanks to their versatility, whether for brunch, work, or even a fancy party! The comfort and style factor of these shoes make them the perfect staple accessory in every wardrobe.

So if you want to buy women’s flats, here are seven types of flat shoes you need to add to your closet!

#1 Ballet Shoes

While talking about ballet shoes, the first thing you would relate it to is versatility. These are classic shoes appreciated for being extremely reliable and comfortable.

Moreover, well-known names like Audrey Hepburn, Emma Stone, Marie Antoinette, Brigette Bardot love and adore these shoes! So why not buy women’s flats and make your shoe collection more elite?

#2 Work Flat Shoes

Picture this: you have a busy day at work, shuffling in between different assignments, tasks, and clients without a coffee break. This, in itself, is quite difficult, but doing so in high heels can be a difficult challenge.

Moreover, running around in heels the whole day can cause a lot of pain in your feet. However, by wearing a pair of comfortable work flats, you can give your feet the pampering it needs.

And don’t worry! Most women’s flats are posh and dressy enough to match the rest of your work attire.

#3 Sneaker Shoes

If your style is cool, sporty, and relaxed, adding a pair of casual sneakers to your shoe collection is sure to benefit you.

Whether you want to get ready for physical activity or want to style your outfit for brunch time, a fantastic pair of sneakers can help elevate your look without compromising on comfort!

#4 Flat Boot Shoes

Next up, you have flat boots, perfect for rainy day adventures!

Other than wearing them on rainy days, you can still pair these tall boots for winter seasons by wearing them over your favourite leggings or jeans.

#5 Loafers and Moccasin Shoes

You may have heard of these flat shoes for men. But did you know that they were a favourite for women as well?

Loafers and moccasins are hard to differentiate because they are almost the same style and made from the same materials. The quickest way to distinguish them is by looking at the sole.

While moccasins are more like flats, loafers may slightly heel, making them more suitable for formal events.

#6 Brogues and Oxford Shoes

Yet another style of women’s flats that looks the same are brogues and oxfords. It can be a little knotty to tell them apart. However, they both have the same classic appearance to help uplift and elevate your look.

#7 Sandals

If you live in a place with more sun than rain, owning a pair of sandals is a must. Whether they are a pair of plain flip-flops or fancy sandals, these shoes are effortless to slip on and off when needed.

Parting Thoughts

Here’s a quick fact: did you know that the global market for women’s footwear is forecasted to reach approximately 220 billion U.S. dollars by 2027?

And if you do not already own a pair of fancy flats, use this post as your checklist and start your shoe shopping spree today!

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