Cancer patients undergo significant changes both physically and mentally due to high doses of chemo and radiation therapy. These procedures frequently result in significant hair loss, eventually causing complete baldness. Some of the few comfort items that are much sought-after among chemotherapy patients are stylish chemo hats and scarves. These hats allow them to feel normal through blending in and helps maintain their confidence. Furthermore, these hats shield cancer patients’ sensitive scalps from inclement weather. These headgear items such as scarves and hats are becoming increasingly popular, and they are so popular that people whose hair is thinning also opt for them. 

Oncologists also recommend that patients wear a hat during chemotherapy to protect their scalp as it is highly sensitive. First and foremost, choosing a comfortable hat that does not irritate the scalp is very important. Comfortable and good-fitted hats are a must for the patients. Soft fabrics made of breathable, soft organic fibres should be preferred over synthetic ones.

Climate and occasion should also be considered while choosing the fabric that the hat is made up of before purchasing it. Many hats that aren’t traditionally regarded as soft, such as baseball hats, should be worn with a liner beneath them to avoid irritation. Here are a few fabric options that one can opt for based on their needs.

Cotton Hats: 

Typically used as a liner in most hats, cotton hats are gentle and soft on the scalp. A regular cotton hat consists of cotton lining on the inside with an outer covering of another fabric. These stylish chemo hats are breathable and versatile. These are usually the first preference of cancer patients as the benefits are worth the cost. 

Bamboo Hats: 

Bamboo fibre is not a well known natural fibre, but it has several benefits. It is pill-resistant, antibacterial, and long-lasting. It is a fabric that is well suited for the needs of cancer patients as it is very soft and silky to touch as well as absorbent.

Cancer Fleece hats: 

Fleece is a very soft and warm material and is perfect for the winter due to these characteristics. It is also simple to clean and maintain. For those who are experiencing chills during or after chemo, this is the best option! It is comfortable, warm, and easy to wear. 

Terry Cloth Hats: 

Often used to make wraps or turbans, terry cloth is an absorbent fabric that is ideal for hats worn at home, beach, pool etc. this fabric highly resembles the soft material of a face towel. If one is looking for a low-cost, everyday hat, this makes for a great option. 

Woollen Cancer Hats: 

Commonly worn in cold climates, wool is considered to be a winter-only fibre. Still, given how patients may experience chills, wool can be used in regular cancer hats as well, as it is breathable, warm, and natural. Woollen hats are often coupled with a liner or a lace cap as they can be irritating and abrasive for a few. 

Berber, Tweed, and Corduroy:

Because of their thickness, these fabrics are commonly associated with warmth and insulation. Just like woollen hats, these hats provide protection from the chills while adding a textural element to the hats, making them look unique. These hats are usually lined. Otherwise, lace caps are worn for a more comfortable fit. 

Lycra Cancer Hats: 

Lycra is a stretchable fabric. It is often added to head coverings to ensure that the head is adequately covered to prevent sun exposure. They are incredibly comfortable and retain their shape despite being stretched. 

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