7 Famous Fashion Models Who Love To Play Online lotteries

The fashion industry is a major source of income for many models. Major modeling agencies often require their models to participate in online lotteries to win contracts and represent the brands they work with. Many of these models make a significant portion of their income through lottery winnings.  While some models receive a salary from their agencies, many do not, making it difficult to meet the necessary expenditures and bills and put food on the table. In addition, many models have to pay for their health insurance and other expenses, such as rent and transportation. This can be challenging, especially when work is slow. A model may turn to a friend or family member for assistance in these situations. For example, a family member may offer money for a loan.

Reasons Fashion Models Love to Play Online Lottery

Most fashion models love to gamble. The vast majority of them are regular lottery players. Many claim it is a way to take their minds off their work and relax, while others say it’s just something fun they do together as a group. Regardless of why they like playing the lottery, they portray themselves like a lottery winner , which indicates that many models enjoy the chance to make some extra cash.

Unfortunately, the relationship between a model and her family is often strained and distrustful. While some models may have a positive relationship with their families, others may feel trapped in a situation. Models often find it difficult to get out of the industry because they lack other skills and cannot move into another line of work.

Fashion Models that is/were fond of Online Lotteries and Casinos

Casinos and online lotteries have become a favorite pastime for many fashion models. Here are seven of the most famous models who love playing these casino games:

1.    Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen is a well-known model and actress. She is also known for her love of sports gambling and online lottery. Gisele has stated that she enjoys the excitement and suspense that comes with playing these types of games. She is also a huge fan of European football and plays the lottery from time to time with her husband, Tom Brady. Gisele earlier stated that she was not a big fan of online lotteries and preferred to play the lottery in person but has recently come across with gaining an experience in an online lottery and winning huge cash amounts.

2.    Elle Macpherson

When it comes to fashion, Elle Macpherson is the reigning queen. Her iconic looks and chic sense of style have made her one of the most popular fashion models in history. But what makes her even more sought-after is her uncanny ability to mix high fashion with street style, making her a perfect ambassador for any brand or collection. And now, thanks to the popularity of online lotteries, that talent has found yet another outlet – making her one of the top contenders for winning big.

3.    Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum, the top fashion model in the world, is also one of the top online lottery players. Klum’s winning streak began with a $10 million jackpot from the Canadian Lotto that she won with her husband at the time, Seal. Klum has played in many lotteries worldwide, and her winning totals have reached into six-figures for some lotteries. Klum’s top winnings came from the Powerball lottery, which she won with a $1 million prize.

4.    Britney Spears

Britney Spears is considered the top model deeply involved in casinos and online lotteries. She eventually became one of the biggest pop stars in the world and has since branched out into other ventures, including acting and modeling. In addition, Spears released her autobiography, which detailed her involvement in gambling and other activities. Her wealth has allowed her to open up several businesses, including a casino in Las Vegas and an online lottery operation.

5.    Claudia Schiffer

Casinos are beneficial to Claudia Schiffer, according to the actress. She once stated that her love of playing slots and blackjack gives her a mental break from acting, which is helpful for her overall well-being. Schiffer has been involved in charity work for many different causes. She worked with UNICEF to help raise money and awareness of child abuse, which she felt was a personal issue because of her childhood.

6. Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is an avid fan of online lotteries. The supermodel says that the opportunity to win big prizes is a ‘really fun way to spend some time’ and adds that she likes to ‘play for the joy of it, rather than thinking about the potential prize’. Naomi has won several small prizes from online lotteries, so she knows what it takes to succeed. She enjoys playing for fun because it makes her feel like she’s winning even when she doesn’t win anything substantial.

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