7 Best Stylish and Space Saving Home Decor Ideas

Your home is the reflection of your personality. When you buy or build a new house, you want to design it the way you and your family feel comfortable. Every family makes their home the most comfortable and beautiful place in their own style. Irrespective of size, you should design your home in a way that it can save space still look stylish like a modern house in the NYC.

Your home includes one or two bedrooms, a kids room, a living room, a kitchen and a guest room as well. Not all rooms are spacious and that’s why you have to do some research when decorating your home. For example: you should get a bunk bed for kids room and guest room as it can provide sleeping beds for multiple people in a small space.

Even if you have a large house/villa, you should learn about creative home decor ideas that can make the best use of space available in each room. The unique home decor ideas are not just about saving space to make your rooms look empty, it is about creating a beautiful home with all things you need still it does not feel overflow of furniture or other equipment.

Best Saving Space And Staying Stylish Home Decor Ideas

There are plenty of stylish home decor designs and ideas created by the interior designers. However, when we checked the popular designers’ ideas for home decoration, we have found some common things among most designers. In order to help you apply the best saving space and staying stylish home decor ideas on your home, we have created a list of those common ideas for you.

  1. Use Sliding Doors
  2. Wall Mounted Nightlight
  3. Foldable Desk/Table and Chairs
  4. Bunk Bed with Trundle
  5. Compact, Round Dining Table
  6. Mount TV in Wall
  7. Create In-Wall Storage Closet/Cupboard

The 8 home decor ideas can transform your home into a wonderful living place for your family. Let us discuss how each idea is capable to make your daily life easier.

#1. Use Sliding Doors

The doors open either inside or outside, both door styles take up extra space when open. Therefore expert designers recommend to use sliding doors instead of inside/outside openable doors. For example: If you add sliding doors for all bathrooms and toilets of your home, these doors look modern and stylish. Moreover, the sliding doors won’t take up much space and they are easy to open/close for everyone in your family.

#2. Wall Mounted Nightlight

We all have seen the nightlight with a stand on desk or table nearby the bed. However, if you have a desk nearby bed in your bedroom, you can use that space for other purposes instead of putting a nightlight there. You should use a wall mounted nightlight to fulfill the purpose and it looks more stylish than any nightlight with a stand. Some people also install a nightlight hanging on ceiling, it depends upon your personal choice whether you want a wall mounted light or a hanging light in your bedroom.

#3. Foldable Desk/Table and Chairs

As your kids grow older, they need a desk with chairs for studying. If you work from home then you also need a desk to work for hours on your computer. You should not buy standalone desk and chairs that take up so much space even when they are not in use. Instead of buying space eater furniture, you should go for a foldable desk and chairs that provide comfortable work and study time, and you can fold them up when not in use.

#4. Bunk Bed with Trundle

You should have a King Size Bunk Bed in your bedroom and a bunk bed with trundle in kids room and guest room. You may think about individual beds but they take up so much space and terrible to handle during transport. On the other hand, the best bunk beds with trundle or storage are very user friendly. The bunk beds provide a comfortable sleeping experience to multiple kids/adults in the space of one bed. Moreover, the bunk bed with trundle provides an instant pull out bed for a surprise overnight guest. You can also store extra stuff in storage shelves and drawers given in the bunk bed.

#5. Compact, Round Dining Table

The square and rectangle dining tables take up a large floor space and they are not suitable for small families. We suggest a compact, round dining table with four chairs to be a perfect option for you. You can add two more chairs if you need them. The  sitting area of chairs will get inside the table when not in use and the round dining table looks more attractive than square or rectangular tables.

#6. Mount TV in Wall

The TV Set or Media Unit is an important part of your living room. However, it is not a good idea to buy a large media unit if you actually don’t need it. You should mount the TV in wall and create some wooden or glass shelves nearby. It will look modern, save space and allow you to put other media equipment and necessary stuff near the TV.

#7. Create In-Wall Storage (Closet/Cupboard)

You need a closet for storage of personal care things like shampoo, hair oil, comb, conditioner and much more. You also need a cupboard for storage of your clothes. Buying a wooden or metal closet and cupboard can fulfill your need but they are out of fashion now. Instead of spending too much on these equipment, we recommend you to create in-wall storage and hide them behind a mirror. It will look quite attractive and save space in your rooms to make your home look bigger from inside.

Final Verdict:

We have suggested seven amazing home decor ideas to make your home look stylish and save space. We hope that these ideas are helpful for you and you are ready to design your home in a way to make it more modern, stylish and beautiful than ever.

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