6 Ways to Do Laundry While Protecting the Environment

Mother Earth is slowly dying. We have to reduce our practices that are detrimental to our environment’s health. Laundry is one of the daily activities that can harm the environment.

You might have not thought much about it but the washer and dryer at home might be the culprit. If you are environmentally conscious, there are simple ways that you can do to protect the environment.

Shrink your ecological footprint with these practices.

1. Less Laundry, Wear Often

Less laundry and wear often does not apply to every clothes you wear. However, it is the best way to cut down your laundry pile.

This advice is mostly for jeans and denim wear. Wearing these types of clothes more than once before you put them in the laundry hamper helps a lot in saving the environment. It’s a great start to practice this laundry habit.

Why is it a piece of environment-friendly advice? Wearing your jeans more than once will reduce your water and energy consumption. Wash denim wears or jeans with cold water and air dry them.

Brands even recommend washing their jeans every two weeks. It does not only save the environment but your garment’s condition as well. Laundry in itself is a big task, especially if you have a hectic schedule. You can hire dobiQueen service for all your laundry needs.

2. Hand Wash Clothes

Even if hand washing consumes more time and energy, it’s the best approach to save the environment. If you have more time and extra energy under your sleeves, do it. Hand washing makes you realize how many clothes you wear each week.

3. Hang or Air Dry Clothes

Hanging or air drying clothes help reduce energy consumption. Instead of using the dryer for hours, hang them under the sun.

Although some do not agree with hanging or air drying clothes, it’s proven that it preserves your clothes’ conditions better. Line drying garments do not expose them to the wear and tear of a dryer.

4. Use Environmental-Friendly Detergents

Some laundry detergents contain toxic ingredients. These highly toxic ingredients are not only bad for your clothes, but they also harm your health and the environment. When the laundry water is washed down the drain, it ends up in the aquatic ecosystem.

The phosphate in laundry detergents negatively affects marine life and the ecosystem because it causes algae bloom. You can change this practice by being cautious in buying detergents, choose an eco-friendly detergent. Laundry detergents with this label are biodegradable, plant-based, and phosphate-free. Not only that, these detergents are gentle for the skin.

If you want to use a natural alternative, soap nuts produce a soapy substance when in contact with water. Meanwhile, you can substitute distilled white vinegar for fabric softeners. They leave your clothes soft and free from chemical residues.

5. Go to the Laundry Service Near You

If you are not aware, bringing your laundry to the laundry service near you is more efficient than doing it at home. Instead of doing your laundry at home, do it at the laundromat. It uses lesser energy. Ensure that you or the laundry cleaners are using environmental-friendly detergents.

6. Do Not Use Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine is the causative agent that causes skin irritation and redness. Pouring them into your laundry load will irritate your eyes and airways. Moreover, it is unsafe to have it around the household with children.

Aside from its health issues, chlorine takes a long time to break down into a lesser damaging form. If you want to protect your health and the environment, stop using chlorine. Although it has an excellent job in removing stubborn stains and disinfecting surfaces, its benefits outweigh the harm.

A little modification to your laundry routine will not only reduce your utility bills but also lessens harmful practices. If you want to use your washer and dryer yet want to maintain doing greener practices, install solar panels. Take another step in making your household eco-friendly. Add a dry rack to quickly air-dry your garments after washing. However, instead of fragile standalone choices, opt for a professional for laundry renovations perth.

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