6 things to keep in mind before you get your personal trainer certification

If you are going to branch out on a new career path, or you have just graduated college, you might be thinking – how can I earn my personal trainer certification? If you enjoy working with people, you enjoy the sports and fitness world, and you want to make a difference in people’s lives, becoming a personal trainer is the best way that you can bridge the gap! Not only will you be able to help others reach their dream of achieving a better body and a healthy lifestyle, but you can lead a healthy lifestyle yourself with the amount of time that you’ll spend in the gym learning about nutrition, and learning about psychological traits that can help you lead a more productive lifestyle.

But what are some tips that you should keep in mind before earning your personal trainer certification? Is there anything that you should look out for or some expert tricks to pay attention to? Let’s see a few things to keep in mind before you get your certification.

6 things to keep in mind before getting your personal trainer certification

Tips on how to study

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are trying to get your personal trainer certification is that you have to study – a lot! If you’re unsure of how to study, just make sure you find the basics of what you should study, buy the proper study materials, ask experts about what is on the site, and set aside time each week to study for the personal trainer certification.

Where can you apply for a job?

After you earn your personal trainer certification, you need to think of where you can apply for a job. If you are located in a place where there are very few fitness options for you – such as no gyms and no personal training clients – you might consider taking your business online or moving to another geographical location to get more clients.

Price of the certification

The next thing to keep in mind before you take the test to earn your personal trainer certification is to know how much you have to spend on the test and the course. If you have to take the test, make sure you can budget enough money so you can afford the test, the materials, and the time off work that is needed to study.

What certification should I get?

There are certain options available from many reputable sources – however, getting one from ACSM or NASM are two of the best options in the industry.

Should I buy the study materials?

If you want to ace the test, you should! Although you can study online materials, you should buy the ACSM or NASM study materials that can be used through the study process. For example, buy the ACSM book “Resources for the Personal Trainer” to prepare for the test!

Should I take the test online or in-person?

If you are thinking of taking the test online or in person, either work! Just make sure you look into the organization that you are using to see if you have to go to a testing center or if you can do it from your own home.


When it comes to getting your personal trainer certification, there are certain things to keep in mind before taking the test. Make sure you are well-prepared, you choose a reputable organization, and you take time to study!

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