6 Good Reasons to Own a Pomeranian Puppy

A Pomeranian puppy is more than just an amazing fluffball of fur. The breed has been around for many years, and it inspires artists to create a masterpiece on their behalf.

However, before Pomeranians become an artistic muse, they try to figure out life as puppies. Pomeranian puppies weigh several ounces, and they can fit at the palm of your hands.

Every adorable Pomeranian for sale in Singapore brightens up most homes, and here are some of the reasons many individuals own a Pomeranian:

1. High Level of Energy

Most Pomeranians don’t require a lot of maintenance as bigger breeds since their small bodies may produce a certain amount of energy.

This means you may get away with one good walk when you have the breed at home. There are still several playtime requirements to meet the need of this breed, particularly with toys.

2. Simple to Look After

All you have to do is schedule a regular checkup at the veterinary and make sure your puppy gets its vaccines to maintain its health.

Because they have a unique temperament, you may leave your Pomeranian in a dog boarding facility every time you want to step out for a while.

3. Appealing Looks

One of the first things that attract many people to Pomeranians is their looks. They are usually blessed with fox-like, adorable, and smiling faces.

Their heavily plumed tails, pricked ears, thick coats, and almond-shaped eyes are also cute. All these characteristics are evidence of this breed’s Nordic ancestry.

4. High Level of Intelligence

Pomeranians thrive on difficulties and can do well in most dog sports. All they require is training. While every dog breed has unique learning styles, and Pomeranians like to learn new tricks.

Regardless of their diminutive size, Pomeranian puppies usually confront other bigger dogs. Poms are also extremely friendly, active, and playful while being overprotective of their owners.

5. Affordable to Keep

While the cost of getting Pomeranian puppies is somehow high, the good news is that they don’t eat too much. They are not like bigger breeds of dogs, which require more food intake so as to sustain the needs of their bodies.

A smaller breed of dogs like Pomeranian doesn’t eat a lot of food daily. The normal diet for Pomeranian puppies is around two cups every day, while adults require around one-half cups for every pound for their weights.

6. Unmatched Love for the Humans

Among the things regarding the friendly Pomeranian is temperament. What makes these dogs so popular is that they are very loyal and affectionate. They will always be with you every time, and this might be a bad and good thing.

Most Pomeranians experience separation anxiety, especially when you don’t know their responsibility in the family.

A perfect way to prevent this anxiety is to provide regular physical exercise and set yourself up as a clear pack leader.

In a Nutshell!

You will wish to adopt a four-legged pet and live a very good life together at one point in life. However, it may be challenging to take good care of adopted dogs, let alone a cheerful and energetic breed like Pomeranian.

Regardless of the challenges, Pomeranians are a ball of enthusiasm, joy, and energy owning to their jolly nature, making them popular among artists.

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