5 Ways to Maximise Buyer Appeal

Selling a house does not end with putting a for-sale sign on your lawn or listing your property on a real estate website. You need to ensure that your home can capture buyers’ attention at first glance. 

Before you put your house up for sale, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and think of the features that should be present in a place you want to purchase. 

Most times, you only need to make minimal changes and renovations to make your home look inviting and more attractive to buyers. 

Listed below are five essential areas that you should focus on as they have more impact on the appeal of your home and will give you a substantial return on investment. 

The Landscape

The first thing buyers see when they come for a showing of a house is the outside -the lawn, driveway, front door and backyard- which can make or break your chances of selling your home quickly and at your desired price. 

You do not necessarily need to spend a lot of money to increase your curb appeal, as even a neatly mowed lawn and trimmed hedges can make a lot of difference. 

Clean up your driveway and the sidings of your house; better still, give them a powerwash. Remove weeds, debris and clutter from your front yard and remove seasonal decorations. 

Consider giving your front door a new paint job to give it a fresh look and hide the wear and tear signs. 

You can hire a landscaper to give your lawn and backyard a makeover if you have a substantial budget. 

The Living Room

When buyers enter your home, they immediately come in contact with your living room. A cluttered entryway leading to a living room stuffed full of furniture, and personal mementos can drive buyers away before looking at the rest of the house. 

Give your living room a deep clean, removing excess personal effects and furniture. Wash or replace dingy carpets and rugs. 

Light up the space by opening the windows and painting it a nice warm colour to make the room feel inviting. 

The Bathroom

While there’s usually nothing you can do about the size of your bathrooms except if you want to undergo a major expansion project, you can do some minimal renovations that will not cost a lot. 

With a few remodeling ideas, such as adding mirrors, using bright lights, and installing recessed shower shelving, even small bathrooms can feel cosy, spacious, and bright

Change your shower curtains and put fresh towels on the racks. Clean the tiles in the room, paying extra attention to the grout. 

Fix all leaking taps and other plumbing issues. Install light fixtures that will make the space look bigger and more attractive. 

The Kitchen

A family usually spends a significant part of their daily lives in the kitchen, so it is one place that must look and feel right. For most buyers, the kitchen is the dealbreaker that determines whether they will buy a house. 

The kitchen will benefit from a thorough cleansing, with extra focus on the backsplash, sinks, counters and appliances. 

Replace cabinetry and other hardware that are broken or dinged up. Repaint your cabinets and devices with a trendy colour that will make the room look up to date. 

The Bedroom

Bedrooms are places of comfort; it is a space where people relax and destress after the day’s activities. Hence, the look of the rooms is important to most home buyers. 

If you have painted your bedrooms with a colour that might not appeal to many people, consider changing it. 

Remove posters, pictures, paintings and other decorations that make the room look personalised. 

Install adequate lights and move clutter into your storage space. The bedroom is an area that will benefit greatly from a deep clean; you can hire cleaning professionals for a more thorough job. 

Finally, do not undertake any significant renovation without determining how much it will increase your home’s value. Any changes you make should lead to a substantial increase in the buyer appeal of your house.

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