5 Tips to Make Dispensary Hiring A Breeze 

If you own a retail store, you know that hiring is a big deal.

But from finding great people to interviewing, onboarding, and more, there is a lot to keep track of. In this article, we will share some tips to make hiring a breeze.

1 – Software tools to make recruiting easy. 

Thousands of eager budtenders are looking to put their hat in the ring, but are these people the right fit for your store? 

Hiring can be challenging because it can take time to sift through thousands of applications and find qualified candidates. Enter applicant tracking software (ATS). 

Applicant tracking software was built to collect and store online applications – decreasing paperwork and increasing efficiency. 

An ATS solution can also be used to find candidates with relevant skills or qualifications, making dispensary hiring a breeze.

2 – Technology to streamline the interview process.

Budtender interviews can be time-consuming. 

It’s not easy keeping track of all of the candidates, budtender interview questions, and feedback on each candidate’s performance. 

Enter interview tracking software. Interviewing tracking technology was built to help managers track the hiring process by allowing them to set up interview templates, record notes on applicants, and even set up ranking systems. Easy!

3 – Onboarding made easy.

What better way to complete a task than to automate it!?

Did you know that employee onboarding software now uses an onboarding wizard to allow staff to self-onboard? That means your time investment into team onboarding is zero. 

With these tools, staff can upload their payment information, schedule requests, certificates, and more – and it all lives in one easy-to-access place.

Onboarding is linked to retention, so it pays to get it right. 

4 – Dispensary standard operating procedures.

Every dispensary should use SOPs to streamline its operations, and the hiring process is no different. By utilizing dispensary standard operating procedures to manage this process, you will increase effectiveness and decrease redundancies!


With hiring SOPs, you can assign specific tasks to certain team members; determine what software you will use for automation, and set up training manuals and meeting cadence. The long and the short of it is, when in doubt, make a system.

5 – Build out excellent company culture.

Building out excellent company culture can help with hiring for several reasons. 

It will help attract more quality hires to your dispensary, it will help attract people who have similar values and vibe, it will help increase employee retention, and it sets expectations for all. 

With all these things in place, you are sure to have budtenders coming to you!

What are other tips to make dispensary hiring easy?

Want to make dispensary hiring easy, but you aren’t sure where to start? 

We recommend investing in an integrated software solution that offers support and integration in the entire employee life cycle. 

From recruiting to interviews – and from onboarding to KR tracking – using an all-in-one solution will make dispensary hiring a breeze. 

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