5 Tips for Finding the Best Divorce Lawyer in Melbourne, Australia

Despite divorce rates gradually going down over the last ten years, the pandemic saw a rise in couples contemplating separation. When the time comes to part ways, it can be one of the most emotionally challenging times of your life. So how do you find the best lawyer to see you through it?

Luckily, with preparation, it is easier than you think. Read on as we discuss how to find a divorce lawyer in Melbourne.

1. Reviews and References for a Divorce Lawyer

Looking for a divorce lawyer should follow the same process as any other service. Start by looking for reviews online. Most local divorce lawyers will be registered on Google My Business and have ratings and reviews from those who have used them before.

You could also ask friends and family members who have been in similar circumstances. They may be able to give advice on the process as well as recommend professionals.

Finally, make sure you ask any attorneys to provide references themselves. they should have testimonials and references from previous cases.

2. Free Consultations

Before hiring divorce lawyers in Melbourne, you need to meet them face to face. This allows you to see how well you get on with the lawyer. You will need close communication with them from now on, so it is important you have a strong working relationship.

Many lawyers charge for this initial consultation. This is because a lot of their time can be taken giving legal advice to people who then don’t use their services afterwards. However, a free consultation is highly recommended.

3. Price

The divorce process in Australia is a lengthy one. While cost should not be the only factor involved, it is very often a deciding factor. Like any service, lower rates could mean a lower quality service, which could cost later down the line.

4. Payment

Just as important as the price of a family lawyer in Melbourne is the method of payment. This is usually done as a flat fee or hourly rate. All have advantages and disadvantages.

An hourly rate means you get a bill for all the time taken by the attorney. In this instance, check their billing system before you begin. If it is transparent, it should tell you all the time allocated and exactly what it is used for.

Flat fees allow you to keep track of your finances much easier. However, you should check what the fee includes as you may end up paying for extras later down the line.

5. Start Early

When looking for a family lawyer, make sure you start early. Taking lawyers at the last minute could end up in higher payments, or even worse, could result in you getting unsatisfactory legal representation. You should aim to interview at least three or four before settling on a final one who will represent you.

Divorce Lawyers Melbourne

Now you know how to find the best divorce lawyer, start the search. Make sure you find someone who understands the emotional complexity of the case. It will be a tough time, but you will get through it with the right help.

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